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Just got supper over and now it’s time to get some writing done. Yep, I still call the evening meal supper, though to most it’s dinner. We still have breakfast, dinner, and supper.

What kind of weather do you like? Whatever it is, just come to northeast Ohio and you will surely find your preference. Take this week for example. Monday was a beautiful day, 64 degrees and sunny. You could see people walking their dogs, washing their cars, working on lawns (picking up limbs and such) and lots of walkers. Tuesday, same temperature, but lots of gusty winds, limbs of trees and wires down. Wednesday, a lot of cold, icy wind. And Thursday, not too bad, but what a frost we had. It didn’t disappear until around 10 o’clock or later. I was out at 7:30 and everything was so white I thought it was foggy.

i talked to Georgia. She had gotten a call from her cousin, Shelby (Isaac) Hall. Nathan Isaac is very, very sick. She said he had slipped into a coma. He had lived a very long life and was always a very nice, friendly person. Our prayers are with him and all his family.

I called both Sarah Belle and Jeanie. Sarah Belle had fallen and hurt her hand, but not bad enough to see a doctor. She spent Christmas in Letcher County. Anna Lea drove up to Cincinnati and took her there and then drove her back home. What a wonderful thing for Anna to do. Sarah said she really enjoyed herself, even though they just stayed in and visited. If they are like the rest of us Sergents, I’m sure they did their share of eating.

Jeanie sounded so much better, even though she had had a treatment. Poor Phil! He says he’s doing fairly well for an old man. He don’t know what old is, or maybe he does. Gotta do some checking, he might be older than me. Their 50th anniversary celebration will be Saturday. Hope they have lots of family and friends in attendance and that it’s a big success. I would love to be there, but there’s no way we can make it. They will have to let me know all about it so I can write a report.

I got a most wonderful letter. Thank you, Madonna and Bobby Joe, for the beautiful things you said about Red and me. We are most honored, but really don’t deserve it. All we do is talk (Red says I can surely do plenty of that). You two are the ones who deserve whatever thanks and praise are due. It is such a special thing you are doing with the “Gospel Jubilee”, bringing joy and happiness to so many. I just can’t imagine anyone listening to this program and not loving it. I hope it goes on forever and ever.

Red’s sister, Jean, called him. She said she was doing better. I am so glad to hear that. He hasn’t talked to his brother, Charles, this week, but I’m sure he will call soon. He usually calls pretty often.

We got our first anniversary card this week, a beautiful one from Reva Sergent. She is a daughter of my cousin, the late Vesta Profitt Sergent. Thank you, Reva. Will write soon.

Just took time out for a bowl of ice cream, one of my vices. Don’t know how I found room for it after a meatloaf supper, but, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I can eat most anytime. Another vice.

I’m still quilting and doing some embroidery. I started a pair of pillowcases this week and have one practically finished. I have also gotten quite a bit of quilting done.

It has started to rain here. They said we could get some thunder and lightning, just like spring or summertime . Jeanie said they were already getting some in Louisville. We could have snow by this weekend.

Wal, now it’s gitten tome fer me tew git this pore piece of ‘ritin dun so’s I kin git it to Billy Wayne in the morning. He’s been doing my e-mailing since Catherine doesn’t have the Internet right now. They are in the process of remodeling the store into living quarters and in the process of moving. They even fixed Valerie her own mother-in-law suite. Lots more room than their small house.

Y’all have a great happy year. Love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmaengle@aol.com.

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