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Mostly cloudy

Weather is teaser of spring

Hello and happy spring everyone!

At the present time it doesn’t feel very much like spring in this part of the Ohio Valley area. One day it is beautiful and is a teaser of spring, the next day we are back in winter. Oh well it can’t stay cold forever, or can it?

The beautiful daffodils were just beginning to show their beauty when we received snow and freezing rain. My lilac tree beside my window has buds, and the poppies are up. You can see the fresh green grass peeking through along the side of the road.

I am really looking forward to sitting on the back deck with a cup of tea, listening to the birds serenading me. I really like being on the front porch watching the birds eat, as my son Keith Ballard always fills the birdfeeder before he leaves. The only thing is, there is so much traffic that it scares the birds away. There’s no place to hang a birdfeeder in the back yard, as there are no trees.

As I let my thoughts travel backwards, I can never remember Mom taking the time to enjoy a few minutes of the morning as Mom hit the floor almost running every morning to stoke the ashes in the fireplace to get the room warm before time for my dad to get up. Then she headed to the kitchen to build a fire in the cookstove to start boiling water for coffee.

In the winter, water would freeze in the water bucket. Mom would set it on the stove to thaw out before she could pour water in the washpan to wash her hands and face before she started cooking.

How many remember the dreaded trip to the little outhouse in the cold wintertime? How many want to go back to those times? I dare say the answer is none!

I’ve seen Mommy wash the clothes and hang them on the line where they would freeze dry. Mom’s fingers would crack and bleed. There were no expensive creams and lotions back at that time. Later in years she did manage to get a bottle of Jergen’s lotion. It smelled good, although it didn’t help much with the healing of the cracked fingers.

This has been an extraordinary stressful week for me. Again, my deepest sympathy to the family of Doyle Ison. It is hard to believe that Doyle is gone, as Betty has only been gone since September.

My heart broke for Betty’s sister Bessie Shepherd, as something came up at the last minute and Bessie was unable to attend Doyle’s funeral.

I know there’s coming a time that I won’t be able to drive a long distance by myself. That is one reason I am going to go as much as possible while I can.

There are times that I look around in my house at what I have accumulated over the past 58 years. Yes, I am a hoarder; I’ve got the water bucket and dipper, the teakettle and lots of things that we used when we first got married. There’s so much that the kids won’t be interested in that I’ve collected over the years.

I had a checkup with my primary care doctor, who sent me back to my cardiologist for an echocardiogram and a stress test with chemicals.

While going through the stress test, having pictures of my heart, I had to lie with both arms above my head, and lie very still. My brain kept going like a runaway freight train.

I got to wondering what did people do back in old times when they had heart trouble and other illness that we run to the doctor for. We have come so far in medical science and technology with the same results.

The results of my test were very good. Nothing wrong with my heart, so I am still back to square one. I am very short of breath.

My blood test showed I am very low on iron, as I am anemic. I have to back to the gastro doctor to see if I am losing blood. I have two take two iron pills a day to get the iron built up. At least there’s a reason why I am so tired and have no energy.

Years ago I had the same thing happen, so I am not worried about this very much.

Saturday afternoon, I spent some time with my daughter Anna Nottingham, Jessica, Kyle, Sarah, and her friend Taylor. My granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham, along with Beechwood Winter Guard, was performing at Milford. I’ve been in Milford before, but not down in the town. It is beautiful with white Christmas lights on both sides of the streets, much to my delight

It was a wonderful time being with the family. After watching a few of the other groups perform, Anna drove to the city of Milford. My granddaughter Sarah researched places to eat. We went to Padrino’s Italian. There was a 45-minute wait as the place was packed.

The food looked great. I had the child’s size of pasta with alfredo sauce.

When I first arrived at Anna’s, I noticed that she had lost some weight. She threw me for a curve as she said replied when your heart is damaged you lose weight. I didn’t know there was damage to the bottom part of her heart as a result of the heart attack she had several months ago.

Anna has pictures of her echocardiogram on her cell phone. That just about caused me to come unglued, it’s a shock to your system, or at least it was for me.

Sarah is a junior in college at N.K.U. She is still doing well in her studies as she is on a four-year scholarship. Jessica is a junior at Beechwood High.

Katelyn is a freshman at Beechwood High. Katie is going to Western Kentucky for a test, as she plans on attending Western University for her last two years of high school. As she is completing high school she will also be receiving credits applied towards college. There are only a few who are selected into this program.

When Anna was telling me this, tears filled my eyes, as the feelings overwhelmed me. It brought back so many feelings of a young girl who was exceptionally intelligent for her age. A young girl who was lost between the cracks, with no one caring enough to help her stay in school. Who quit school at the age of 13 years old, a freshman in high school. I will have to give credit to a homeroom teacher, who tried to help me stay in school, as she gave me a home with her until something happened and she had to move back with her parents.

After all these years there’s a void in my heart and soul, a longing that will never be filled.

I am so proud of my children and my grandchildren in a way that adjectives in a dictionary can never describe, or enough verbs can never express.

Anna graduated with 4.0, so did her husband Scott. So really I had nothing to do with my grandchildren’s ability to learn.

I do take credit that their dad and I did something right in raising them. I personally made sure they knew the importance of education.

Over the years I fought the devil and I won, as I did go back to school to get a GED.

My husband was older than me and tried to keep me under his thumb. It sort of worked for a while, then that backbone and stubbornness that I developed as a child came through, and the race or should I say, the fight, was on for 32 years.

I will never again be told what to do, where to go or when to come home, as long as God lets me have a good mind to take care of myself.

I’m always being asked if I am not afraid to travel by myself. When I get afraid I will take a small companion with me. One that no one knows is all I have to say.

I really thank God there’s been a way made for me, though I still don’t care for the car I purchased. It is dependable, and as long as I can afford gas you will see me in the mountains of eastern Kentucky that I love so much.

Hillbilly Days in Pikeville is the same weekend as Carcassonne Square Dance. I love Hillbilly Days but if I am able to go to the mountains you can bet your boots I will be at Campbell’s Branch Community Center on that Friday night, and Carcassonne Community Center for the square dance.

I am scheduled for an appointment in April to have a few spots removed from my face, so we will have to wait and see.

My niece Sue Hall is once again wanting me to stay with her. I love Sue and appreciate the offer but I’d rather be at a motel as I keep trying to convince her. Sue has a bedroom with a bathroom all ready. Mart said he would even get me a stool to step on as the bed is rather high. I don’t rest at night, and I just prefer to be alone.

Mike and Marcia Caudill are gracious to extend an invitation to stay at their beautiful home. This is really tempting as they have a huge deck where I could sit outside to enjoy the surroundings. I better not start thinking too much as I may take them up on their invitation. Mike is thoughtful enough to dance with me, so I don’t want to push my luck.

My friend Vicki Power travels with me sometimes. We sleep with the television on as we both are restless and can watch Hallmark movies, not disturbing each other.

At the present time Johnny and Ann Calihan and family are doing all right. Their daughter Sue Wagner is still at her home in South Carolina, trying to get their house ready to put up for sale.

Once again there’s a lapse of communication between Les and Pat Wagner and myself. I need to call them.

Belated happy anniversary to my daughter Kay Gray and Clarence Gray, who celebrated 39 years of marriage March 8. Clarence and Kay, along with friends, spent several days in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic celebrating this event.

Just a reminder with spring arriving, this means grass is growing so give Jack’s Lawn Care Service a call. Cell, 606-335-7179, or home, 606-633 9925. Free estimates, no job is too big nor too small. Mowing, brush removal, weedeating, hillsides, cemetery

Well, it is time to get my day started. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4 @aol.com.

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