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Weather took us from summer into winter

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It is so hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving again, as just a few days ago it was Halloween. With the weather being nice so long, we went from the wonderful warmth of summer temperatures straight into winter, with just a couple of days of fall.

I wish I could say getting older is hard for me to adapt. To be honest I think I have always had trouble adjusting to the cold. If it wasn’t for the fact that I enjoy all four season, though I gripe about the cold, I might really consider finding a warmer climate to spend the remainder of my venture called life.

In 2003 Clayton and I spent Thanksgiving at my daughter Kay Gray’s house in Destin, Fla., several days drifting from Destin to my daughter Anna Nottingham’s condo in Panama City Beach.

We ate Thanksgiving supper at Golden Corral, something I had never done before and not since either. Christmas lights were everywhere, in palm trees, on buildings, it seemed so strange to me as the weather was so warm.

Although as I said I am not a winter lover, a fresh fallen snow on Christmas Eve, is a delightful sight to see. I don’t like driving in the snow and ice, as I am still working occasionally.

This time of year takes me back to my childhood. I have often said Mommy didn’t know what it was to have the things for Thanksgiving like we have nowadays. There were really no big celebration meals for Thanksgiving, or Christmas .

Mommy would always try to keep a mess of shucky beans for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, then make a delicious stack cake. Mom didn’t use molasses in her stack cake, it was light in color and oh so good, as she would put dried apples between the layers, the longer it sat the better it was. The only thing, it didn’t really last that long.

No matter how many stack cakes that I have made, even though they are good, they don’t compare to Mom’s in taste. My niece Sue Hall was telling me that Mommy made the best gingerbread, she has ever eaten. Now that was something that I never experienced as Mommy didn’t bake gingerbead when we were growing up.

Now my Grandma Betty Barton made really good gingerbread, as she made biscuit type gingerbread without molasses, then made a glaze by dipping a white rag in egg whites after the ginger biscuits were fresh from the oven as they finished baking.

My son Keith Ballard tells me that he probably won’t be home for Thanksgiving dinner, that I shouldn’t bother fixing anything, as I can’t digest very much. Then he said he wouldn’t mind having some turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce after he gets home.

I plan to try to bake a stack cake, and fix shucky beans the day after Christmas so Johnny and Ann Calihan can enjoy some old-fashioned food, as they will have so much on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to Marcia Caudill for the shucky beans.

I just hope and pray that my health stays alright that I can cook, plus I am very concerned about trying to lift the turkey in and out of the oven. Oh well I can’t just live my life in fear.

While on the computer, I received a friend request from a woman. The name wasn’t familiar so I started not to accept it. I am really glad I did accept, as she had me mixed up with someone else. She thought I was her cousin. I explained who I was. I knew her mother and the whole family from Roxana when I was a child, Marion and Sophie Maggard, who lived in the holler from Nora Frazier’s, then moved to Roxana.

I was closer to Mary Maggard for some reason than any of the family. Mary was older than me; if I remember right she was behind in school.

I have lost touch with so many since I moved away from home when I was nothing but a child. Mary married Earl Ison who is the son of Harrison Ison, Roxana. Again, I may be mistaken, but something in my memory tells me that Harrison Ison and my grandma Rosa Hall were related. Everyone is gone so I have no way of knowing for sure.

Hello to Ralph Maggard who lives in Tennessee who reads my column every week, I barely remember Ralph as he was in service when I was a child.

No matter how far away from the little place called Roxana, that will always be home to me. Sometimes I have to laugh as I have made the remark, when I came into the world, I either had my fist doubled up or my feet were dancing.

I’ve had to stand up for myself from the time I can remember as a child. No, I am not proud of some of the things I have done, even as an adult. Then there’s the saying, oh you should never hit anyone. That is a bunch of baloney. Don’t go hitting me, or I darn sure will hit back. At my age, I am not able to fight and I can’t run. All I have to say, is just don’t push me too far.

As the holidays are approaching please keep those who have recently lost loved ones in your prayers as it is going to be a rough time for so many.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing as well as possible, their daughter Sue Wagner is still having quite a bit of health issues.

Hello to Hayward Day, I am so thankful you will be home surrounding by your family.

Les and Pat Wagner I hope you two can enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday December 2 to Les and Pat who share their birthday.

Well, my ankle says it’s time for some exercise.

Until next time.

Rose Ballard 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd Harrison, Ohio 45030, email.Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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