Whitesburg KY
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Weatherman predicts a mild winter

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well and enjoying the pretty weather. I’m sure hoping it will last a while, but we are heading into November. The weathermen say we are going to have a mild winter and I hope it’s true.

My sisters Judy Greene and Betty Tyree and Judy’s cute little grandson Cooper Hatton and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch the other day. I really enjoyed it. We still miss the two sisters we lost. We all liked to get together.

We saw lots of friends. My good friend Dorthy Tacket’s daughter Deloris Holbrook came by and talked a while with us. We asked about Pearl Noble. She’s having some health problems. We’ve known all the Pennington family for many years at Marlowe. They were a large family like ours. We and all their children went to school there.

I hear from Linda Hall often and she lets me know how they are and I sure appreciate it. I’m glad Dorthy Tacket goes to the rec center to exercise often. I should be doing that, but I can’t seem to have the time and I can’t keep up with the time. Seems like time flies and I guess I’ve slowed down.


My nephew Paul Hatton is in the hospital and not doing well. He needs prayer. He is the son of the late Imogene and Maney Hatton. We always lived close together at Marlowe and nearby while our children were growing up and up until their deaths. Their other son, Danny Hatton, was killed in a motorcycle wreck a long time ago. Paul is the only one of the family and he is really sick.

Rose Ballard mentions the name Rosa Hall that is her grandmother. I remember a Rosa Hall that lived close to me and I’ve been to her house many times. She had a pretty little granddaughter with pretty black pigtails and I wonder if that wasn’t Rose Ballard and where she is now. I hope Rose Ballard is doing well.

My sisters Betty Tyree and Judy Greene and I visited our brother Charles Howard at the Carpet Store the other day and would you believe that is the only work he has done all his life? He worked at Hoover’s Carpet and then bought the carpet store. No wonder he is so good at that. I think everyone buys their carpet there. He is always busy and a lot of people just come in to talk to him. He is a good talker himself. He loves people!

I’ve been out with my sister Betty Tyree today. Her husband, Bertus Tyree, is in the Veterans Hospital in West Virginia with some foot trouble and he’s doing well and is hopeful to be home soon. Their granddaughter Katy and her family are visiting Betty and Robin today. They are always glad to see them, especially the two grandchildren.

It was nice seeing Barbara Adams in a story today. She and Betty and I got to talk with each other for a while. She loves to talk with friends and we do too. We love her son Kevin also. He goes to Whitco Pentecostal Church where I go. He’s a big help to our church. He seems to know how to do everything. He is very talented and so are all the men and women in our church. I’m not talented for anything. I just try to fill my seat and talk to everyone. I’m looking forward to Sunday school and church.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church if you are able.

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