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Partly cloudy

Weatherman says it will be a white Christmas


We sure are having damp, dark weather, but the weatherman seems to think we will have a white Christmas.

The old people always said a black Christmas was a sign of a fat graveyard, and a white Christmas meant fewer deaths. I guess they gathered this thorough the years.

We were so sorry that Harding Ison died. He was over here the week before and there did not seem to be anything wrong, but we never know what plan God has for us all.

Harding will really be missed by his family and friends. He sure had many friends. He was laid to rest in the graveyard on their property. They have their own graveyard, and his dad, mother and grandparents are resting there.

The family has our deepest sympathy.

It is sad, but kind of like the song, "Go Rest High on That Mountain." He lived at the homeplace on Kingdom Come Creek.

Solomon H. "S.H." Hampton came by awhile. He had not visited in a while, and we miss him.

We have gotten so many pretty Christmas cards. We still have many friends. We appreciate every one of them. If we do not get to send one back, remember we wish for all a merry Christmas and happy, healthy New Year.

It seems time passes so swiftly as we grow older, but it is still 24 hours a day.

We have received many gifts by mail from those far away, but they still want us to have the ‘very best.’

My column is short this time, I just wanted to wish everyone merry Christmas.

I hope that every child will get a gift from Santa Claus.

I still believe in Santa. Just saying, "God bless and merry Christmas."

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