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We’re beginning to have more daylight hours

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

Have you noticed it is staying daylight just a little longer in the evenings, and seems to be getting light a just a little earlier of the mornings? Of course before long the time change will be in effect once again.

I have such a broken sleep pattern for the past few weeks. I find myself up till the wee hours in the morning, then my body and brain still wants to wake up at five in the morning after just a couple of hours sleep. I toss and turn until I have to get up. After I am up, I become so sleepy again.

My brother Jerry Hall is once again in Whitesburg Hospital, and once again I am unable to head for the mountains. It won’t be long before I am going to get in my car and head that way, even if it means stopping ever so often.

Several years ago when I had a back injury, I had to wear a back brace which was like an old-fashioned corset, laced up to the rib cage. I didn’t bother asking my doctor, I drove all the way down and back. I had a lot of down time as I could drive just so far and take a break.

This weekend has been a very busy for me as I kept my two great-grandchildren, 11-year-old Samantha Gray and her six-year-old brother T.J., along with Samantha’s 12-year-old friend, Destiny.

Saturday evening Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers were playing at Hunter’s Pizzeria. I wasn’t going to miss the show so I took the kids with me.

Three hours was a little too long for T.J. although he did rather well.

Hunter’s Pizzeria is a family place. Ginger Haddix, a real sweet waitress, brought T.J. a box of little cars to play with, which to me was so thoughtful.

Les and Pat Wagner, along with Larry and Becky Hasty, came to see the Lady Slippers. It is always good to see everyone.

On Monday evening, Shirley Godbey and I went to Hunter’s Pizzeria to see Tony Hale & Special Delivery Band, which means I got to see Les, Pat Larry and Becky, along with their daughter Polly, who made sure I didn’t dance.

Sunday afternoon OKI had a meeting and jam session, so after my granddaughter Jennifer Proctor picked the children up, I decided to drive to Fairborn. It was a good time and very good bands, and needless to say I am tired.

Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers will be at the Front Street Cafe in New Richmond on March 1.

My column last week surely generated a lot of reminders of childhood school days.

Gomer Goins, I really enjoyed your telephone call so very much. You and your friend be careful while you are out and about.

Owen Cornett, I was so glad to know that Betty Ison and I weren’t mistaken about the needles not being changed.

Troy Akemon, you will never know how much your telephone call meant to me as talking to you was like a conversation with Mom about her growing-up years on Big Branch, though you were just a kid when Mom lived there.

Your brother Bob Akemon’s phone calls were always such a delight. Even though Mom’s grandparent’s, Will and Nance Coots both died before I was born, I grew up loving them as Mommy would talk so much about them.

The years of my childhood are filled with memories of hearing Mommy talk of Nora Calihan and Ma and Pa Coots.

Big Branch was a well populated place and so many of the names such as Whitakers, Cornetts, Akemons, Hollinses, etc., were an everyday topic of conversation as Mom would tell me of her growing-up years. She and others would walk across the mountain to Paces Branch to go to Nora Calihan’s to a square dance.

Mom instilled the love of music in me from a very early age. Actually I am sort of mistaken on that statement, as I can remember when I was about three years old Grandma Rosa Hall playing the banjo and me trying to dance while she picked “Little Birdie” and “Cripple Creek”.

I finally got to talk to Shirley Wells and Gwen Huff Farmer on the telephone along with Ann Calihan, and everyone is doing alright.

Oma Hatton, I think your son Billy should have taken us on their trip. Well actually, no I don’t as I really wouldn’t want to go even should I be able to afford it.

Emma Engle, I really hope you are doing better.

It was really good to fi- nally be able to talk to my sister-in-law Wanda Hall as it seems we usually miss each other’s calls.

Does anyone know what happened to Bob Ison, who wrote for The Mountain Eagle? I miss his column.

My niece Sue Hall is recuperating from her surgery. I haven’t heard anything from my cousin Beverly Adams, and I hope she is doing alright.

Well folks, this is probably going to be the shortest column, so I will see you again next week.

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