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We’re working to make the world COVID-free


Ladies hold their daisy paintings from the Monday night class held at Mountain of Scraps.

Ladies hold their daisy paintings from the Monday night class held at Mountain of Scraps.

Hello everyone. I hope all are enjoying the warmer weather. It sure makes me feel good!

I left off a lot of birthdays last week for March. I’ve added them this week.

March 6 – Rose Roberts; March 10 – Brad Dutton; Abigail Ferris; March 13 – Kelsie Jo Andry; March 16 – Natasha Caudill; Earl Rich, Jr.; March 17 – Rheaetta Campbell; March 18 – Kelly Robinson; March 25 – Belinda Watkins; Shannon Banks; March 30 – Christal Brown; March 31 – Bernard Rayburn

I hope all have a wonderful birthday celebrations.

Mike and I received our first COVID vaccine. We’ll go in April for the second one. We’re working to make the world COVID-free.

Randy Brown and Bob Caudill went fishing a couple weeks ago. They didn’t have any luck but they’ll try again soon.

CAT is jealous of my computer. If I’m sitting in the recliner with the laptop on my lap, he’ll lay across the keyboard or walk across it. He has locked me out several times. CAT doesn’t mind if I’m on my phone or reading or writing with pen and paper. CAT likes being the only ‘thing’ on my lap as he’s a lap cat.

One night CAT and I went to bed late. There was a rabbit in the yard and we watched it from 1:15 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. That’s when I quit watching, I don’t know how long CAT stayed awake.

Laura Harris of Lexington came in for a few days. She visited her parents Bob and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan. Laura made me the best banana pudding — plus she gave me the recipe. I’ll try to find the recipe for next week. Thank you, Laura, for the banana pudding.

On Sunday I visited with Doris Banks, Carol Caudill, Anna Yonts, Randy Brown, and John Banks. It was great seeing all of them. Family means a lot.

Anna gave me some books and I’m looking forward to reading them.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Ramona Caudill.

I did an Easter egg tree in my front yard. I’m thinking it needs more eggs but the tree is just for me and I like it.

They did a paint class at Mountain of Scraps. It was fun and we all painted daisies. Those in attendance were Diane Adams, Sue Banks, Christie Adams, Donna Watts, Kaye Shortt, Sherril Sturgill, Kaye Shortt, Sheila Cornett, and Martha Wenning. The class was led by Mona Collier. I’m hoping to attend the next class also.

Donna Watts, Doris Ison, and Patricia Ball spent part of the weekend at Norris Lake on a houseboat. The photos they posted look like a good time with a lot of laughter.

I’m sending a HELLO to Doris Caudill, David Day, Harold Day, Karen Day, Tony Day, Laura Bates, Lena Brashears, and all of their loved ones. I hope all are staying healthy.

CAT has a vet appointment on Tuesday morning to get fixed. Hopefully all of his spraying stops. I do a lot of laundry because of that cat.

Elizabeth Bernie Mc- Ginty passed away on Feb. 27 in Brandon, Miss. She was 70 years old. She was preceded in death by her husband, John Earl Mc- Ginty, Sr., and a son, John Earl McGinty, Jr. Survivors include her sons, Chuck McGinty and Chad Mc- Ginty of Bentonia, Miss., along with her sisters, Janie Howell and Linda Dozier of Bentonia, Miss., and Joyce Kelly of Mandeville, Miss. Bernie had four grandchildren. Funeral services were held on March 4 at Central Baptist Church in Bentonia, Miss.

Condolences are sent to Chad, Rebecca, Ainsley, and Parker McGinty.

The weekly quote is “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

If you have any news please email cowannews@aol.com. Thanks. Have a good week and continue to wear a mask.

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