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Wesley Dixon home from hospital


Doyle Dean Johnson of Jeremiah died on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the WARH. He had been in the nursing home and was not doing well at all.

Doyle was my husband Lee Roy’s half-brother. I’m sure going to miss him sitting on the porch and waving at me every time I went by. He is going to be missed.

Lorene Halcomb of Carcassonne is not doing well. She is living in Alabama now and her daughter Brenda said they were just keeping her comfortable.

Happy birthday to Adam Henrikson of Carcassonne, July 24; Chris Campbell of Whitesburg, also the 24th; Chris Evans of Lexington turned 16 on July 30, the son of Kathy and Tony Evans; Tina Banks of Letcher the 30th; Craig Abbinanti of Whitesburg the 31st; and Jeremy Maggard of Letcher on the 31st; Opal Jent of Carcassonne, the 31st; Dee Sammons Roark on the 31st; my son Justin turned 22 on the 31st; Bob Adams of Letcher was on Aug. 5.

Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne got to come home from the hospital on Aug. 3. He was still having problems with his oxygen levels. Happy birthday to Wes; he turned 7 on Aug. 2. He is a son of John and Jenny Dixon. I hope he gets better soon.

Happy birthday to a classmate of mine, Pam Isom of Hindman, Aug.1.

Della Caudill of Carcassonne also had a birthday Aug. 1. Della’s husband Greg had a birthday July 31st; Nichole Griffie of Blackey on Aug. 2; William Caudill of Blackey, Aug. 3; and Payton Back of Elk Creek on Aug. 4.

My sympathy to the family of Matthew ‘Boss’ Slone of Blackey, who died on Aug. 2 at the WARH. He was 83 years old.

Happy birthday to Keaton Maggard of Crases Branch, who turned 3 on July 30. He is the son of Bryan and Bethany Maggard and has a sister, Kaylee. He is the grandson of Glen and Dianne Caudill of Kingscreek, Peggy Caudill of Crases Branch, and Wanda and Dewayne Maggard of Viper.

Happy birthday to Virgil Combs of Carcassonne, who was 76 on Aug. 5, and happy anniversary to him and his wife Freda. It was their 33rd anniversary.

Also on Aug. 5 they had a surprise birthday party for Virgil at the Bull Creek Church, and all his family and friends attended and had a great time.

Get well wishes to Melody Morton of Jeremiah who fell and broke her ankle. She had the cast put on Friday.

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