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West Whitesburg students are thankful for…

West Whitesburg Elementary School’s fourth graders have written essays on the things for which they are thankful. Here is what the children wrote:

Melody Lewis’s class:

I am thankful for:

My family, my house to live in, the clothes that I have, the food that is provided for me, my little baby kitten Daisy, my wonderful grandparents, my school and teachers so I can learn, God for blessing America. Austin Adams

Parents, Donnie and Laronda Adams, the clothes I wear, holidays so I can see my family, grandparents Wanda and Ronnie Baker, technology so I can research, house provides heat and shelter, my aunt and uncle for letting me stay with them when my mom was in Lexington, friends Micheal and Sidney, pets Rascal and Susie, veterans for fighting for the U.S.A.. Kamy Adams

Home, snow, toys (blue Power Ranger), food, clothes, brother Kyle, Mom, Dad, P.J., firemen. Zachary Bates

Plants so I can have air to breathe, a school so I can learn, my house so I have shelter, food on my table, being an American so I have freedom, having clothes on my back, my friends so I have someone to talk to, the things that I am provided with for school, a family to support and care about me, soldiers to fight for our freedom. Micheal Blair

My house and a beautiful family, food to eat, clothes, a good life, to be an American, to have a brother and sister, to have good teachers. Noah Brock

My mom and dad, my beautiful house, my mamaw and grandpa, everything everyone does for me, my dog Tiny, the beautiful clothes I have to wear, my school and teachers so I can learn, the world around me. Summer Brock

My loving family and friends, my house to live in, the clothes that I have, the food that is provided for me, my pets to love me, my wonderful grandparents, my school and teachers so I can learn, my community. Kiana Day

Nice people in the community, living in Whitesburg, loving parents Wanda and Terry, people that care, loving sisters Latanya and Brook, teachers that care, glad for having school, having technology, neighbors that care. Tamara Everly

Respectful people, our freedom, our lives, our homes, my mom Lisa F., my friends L. K. M. H. P.. my mamaw Linda B., the carnival, the shops for clothes, the water or ponds, holidays. Tayler Fox

My family, my mom, food to eat, toys to play with, stores to buy things, my mamaw and papaw, my dad, my brothers and sisters, my house to live in, cars to take us places. Jeremiah Fugate

Respectful family, good friends, good parents which are Susie Gibson and Roy Gibson, my nephew, my papaw and mamaw which are Donald Cook and Carol Cook, my house, clothes, TVs, computers, my community. Jake Gibson

My mother and father, my house to live in, the clothes that I have, the food that is provided for me, my little baby kitten Misty, my wonderful grandpar- ents, my school and teachers so I can learn, my community and the jobs it provides. Nicole Hall

The planet Earth, people to talk to, my mom and dad, my brother Josh, my mamaw and papaw, food to eat, my pets that love me, electricity to see things, my house to keep me warm, my community. Jeremiah Hensley

My mom and dad, my 3 sisters and 1 brother, my house to live in, my teachers, my friends, my mamaw and papaw, my new baby kittens, my clothes on my back, my school WWE and the teachers that teach me every day. Kristen Johnson


The law to keep us safe, the job our mom and dad work for, my friends to make me happy, the houses we live in to keep us warm, the president that runs our country, the great things I get, my family that makes me happy, our school and teachers to keep our brains going, the air we breathe and the beautiful nature that God gives us. Kayla Jones

Animals, clothes, my whole family, America, house, outside, school holidays, friends, life. Cheyenne Profitt

U.S.A because I love our country, Thanksgiving because I like giving, freedom so I can do what I want, land because that’s what we are standing on, air because we need it to breathe, holidays to have fun, family because they love me, friends (Jeremy, Luke, Kris, Paul), school and teachers, animals. Charlie Sergent


My family to keep me comfortable, shelter provided by my house, holidays to be with my family, technology for entertainment, pets, clothes to wear, freedom, military for our freedom, America, cars for transportation. Jeremy Sturgill

My friends Tamara and Breana, my house to keep me warm, the food I eat, all the clothes that I wear, my mom who loves me, my nana who loves me too, my whole entire family, school where I learn a lot of things I know, my dog who protects me, his name is Dozer, me, if I weren’t me who would I be? Kaylee Tackett

A very nice friend, a new computer, also holidays, my mom Sherri and my dad Brian, clothes, grandparents, games to play, food, family and neighbors, school and teachers. Brittany Collins

Nice family, school, United States, sister Taylor Cook, mom Tara Cook, dad Shawn Cook, clothes and game systems, grampa Terry Cook and Dennis Combs, mamaw Betty Combs and Glenda Cook, cousins. Jacob Cook

Friends Micheal and Mckenzie, McDonald’s, teachers, animals, Christmas, P.S. 3, my mom Abby, TV, my family, my granny Martha and my papaw Donald. Jaydon Tolliver

My family, my friends, house, my school, my dogs, food, my teachers, my country, TV, movies. Seth Wilder

Good friends, food to eat, my mom, dad, Melanie and Richard, my brothers Alex and Dale, my dad’s job, animals, house, life, my grandparents and cars. Casey Sturgill

My dad, the people who love and care for me, my brother, police officers, firefighters, my mom, my grandma and grandpa, the soldiers who fight for our country, the Lord, my home. Kori Standifer

Nancy McCray’s class:

I am thankful for:

God, He is the most important thing, my house it gives me shelter, my parents they take care of me Vicky and Joe Adams, my whole family they watch after me, my friends they are always nice Raeann, Hannah, Emma and Courtney W., my dog I talk to her when I am sad, Sparkles, my teachers they teach me stuff, my mamaw she loves me, my sister she is my role model, my papaw he loves me. Alyssa Jo Adams

Nice respectful people, good community, Mamaw Baker, all my pets, Mamaw and Papaw Benton, my clothes and shoes I have to wear, jobs that my mom and dad have, the love my parents give me every day, the encouragement from my teachers to do really good. Emily Baker

Mom and Dad, computers, TV, community, Grandma, Grandpa, holidays, friends, clothes, family. Isaiah Bentley

My mommy and daddy, my friends, my entire family, my pets, my teachers, my house to live in, my clothes to wear, my school so I can learn new things, my community, my world. Hannah Blair

My friends and my loving family, the army and the soldiers who are fighting for our rights and our freedom, my school and teacher for helping me learn stuff every day, my home, the clothes on my back, doctors and nurses that have helped me at the hospital, policemen that stop people before they cause a wreck, my parents that support me at home and at school, God because when I die I want to see my father. Courtney Boggs

My mom and sisters, my friends to play with, my dog Sammy, my community, my neighbors, my house, my school so I can learn. Azia Brandenburger

My mother and father, my friends, my school, my sister Autumn, my family, my cat Milo, my teachers, my stepsister Liz, my stepdad, my house that gives me shelter from the weather. Joshua Day

Jesus, school so I can learn, my mom who loves me, my brother Quinn, my sisters Kayla and Ava, my dad who takes care of us, my teachers, my friends, my church. Elizabeth Fisher

My family, my best friend, my house it gives me shelter, my clothes, the veterans in the war, my TV, for the U.S.A., for freedom. Paul Fleming

My good mother, my good family, my toys, my wonderful dad, all my animals, my friends, America, shelter, my toys. Harley Franks

My whole family, my friends Hanna and Emma, Jaden, my favorite cousin Alyssa Jo, my favorite teachers Mrs. McCray, Joe, Mr. Potter, and Mrs. Lewis, my food I eat, my clothes I wear, my school W.W.E., , my church and Jesus God, all the great birthdays I’ve had, my mom and dad Renee and Colin. Raeann Fultz

My sister Logan, my school and teachers, my friends Isaiah and Gregory, a nice house, my mom, my dad, my stepdad, technology we have, my pets. Kade Holland

My mom Wendy, my dad Claude, my brothers Sam and Jonah, the freedom we have in the U.S.A., all my relatives, school that provides teachers to teach us, my dog Kiper because he is a friend, my friends, my community, churches to worship God in. Luke Little

Computers, my family, holidays, my parents Mickey and Traci, my grandparents Wayne, Charlotte, Cheryl, Ivan and Rick, cousin Gracie and Brook, my sister Dalayni, love, home, my good friends. Kaylee McDougal


My bicycle, Playstation, food, shoes, motorcycle, Mamaw, Papaw, Mommy, Daddy. Montana Morton

My family, John Micheal, Misty, Brandy, Reily and Sarah (and others), my pet turtle Juno for the comfort, my house I live in for shelter and warmth, my friends Morgan, Sidney, Courtney, Raeann, Kaitlyn and Emily for the care, the food I eat and the drinks, my school so I can grow up and be someone good, the clothes on my back so I look good, God for giving me life, freedom, my teachers for helping me. Jaden Richardson

My family, holidays, my sisters and brothers, my friends, the house I live in, the beautiful clothes I have to wear, my school and teachers so I can learn, to be an American, to have a good community to live in. Charleigh Sandlin

My new clothes, a loving mamaw, all my relatives, the school and teachers, shelter to keep me safe, the soldiers that fight for our county, veterans for all they did for our country, my best friends Kaylee and Elizabeth, my community. Breana Sturgill

A nice home, food to eat, shelter to live in, clothes to wear and keep my body warm, my parents to support me, friends Raeann, Alyssa and Hannah and Courtney B. and Courtney W., the soldiers who are fighting every day, God because He made this world that I love, my teachers which teach me to learn, and my community. Emma Thomas

My whole family, my house that gives me shelter, clothes that I can wear, my friends Raeann, Alyssa and Emma, my pets that comfort me, food I can eat, my school W.W.E., my favorite teachers Mrs. McCray, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Lewis and Joe, my life I can live, Jesus and God and my church that take care of me and help me learn about Jesus and God. Hannah Wampler

Family, friends, the years to remember, and different holidays, the memories that we share, the feast of Thanksgiving, the love and care that we get, the food and shelter we have, for my dog Sadie and her friendship that she shares with me, the friends that I’ve made and the family that I have. Kris Watts

My parents, my family that loves me, U.S.A a great country, the military for fighting for freedom, my pets, all my friends (there are too many to name), my house for warmth, plants to give us air to breathe, God, my good life, schools and teachers. Courtney Whitaker

The food on my table, a loving mom and dad, wonderful grandparents, the school and teachers, shelter to keep me safe, the soldiers that fight for our country, veterans for all they did for our country, good friends to share things with, my community. Trey Wilson

Michael Potter’s class:

I am thankful for:

Mamaw and papaw, a good mom and dad, food, friends, school, a house, family, animals, clothes. Shanoah Katelynn Adams

My family, my brother Dakota, my mom Drendra, grandparents Sue and David, toys, clothes, love, school, food, a home. Abigail Barker

Shelter, freedom to roam, nature to breathe, food to eat, Mom and Dad, soldiers who fight for our country, school to learn new things, clothes to wear, books to read, God. Morgan Blair

My uncle Tim, my mamaw and papaw, my mom and dad, my little brother, my big sister, my dog Max, my house to live in, my school to learn in, my friends, my cousins and other relatives. John Keaton Caudill

My brother Johnathan, my sister Brandy, my cousins Kara and Emily, my sister Becca, my sister Jodi, my mom Nancy, my dad Johnny, the house I live in, the food on my table, my community. Alexis Collins

A house to live in, a great mom and dad, all my relatives, friends to play with, my grandma and grandpa, the soldiers that fight for our country, veterans for all they did for our country, good neighbors, my community, school and teachers to learn new things. Kara Collins

Having a house, friends, my dad Ted Cook Jr., my granny Loula Cook, my papaw Ted Senior Cook, my mom Bridgett Medina, my sister Jordan Medina, my life, my family, clothes. Beverly Cook

My grandparents, a good home, plenty of food, my dog, my friends at school, my school, the staff in Mrs. Bolling’s room, my cousins, my toys, my clothes. Kyle Cox

Shelter to live in, freedom to do what I want, food to eat, air to breathe, family to depend on, pets to have a soulmate, veterans who have fought for the U.S.A., a place to sleep, teachers to teach me stuff, friends to talk to. Kaitlyn Davis

Ms. Bolling, Ms. Nawonia, Ms. Ruby, Ms. Teresa #1, Ms. Teresa #2, Ms. Linda, Ms. Fran, my good friends at school, school each day, my food. Jacob Dean

My family, the soldiers that fought for our freedom, the trees that give us air, our civil rights, my house that shelters me and gives me warmth, my teachers that teach me, school, food and water that keeps me alive, the fishing poles that my dad bought me, my dad working for me and my family. Austin Fields

The food I eat, Americans, Aunt Jessica, my mom Jamie, my friends, Mamaw Sheila, holidays, good neighbors, my family, my life. Dakota Fields

Friends, family, homes, school, animals, holidays, my cousin Hannah M., my mom Kim, my dad Dan, my teachers Mrs. McCray, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Lewis. Kaitlin Fields

Our teachers for helping kids learn, my dad for helping me with playing the drums, my sister to talk to, policemen for keeping us safe, computers to play games and learn with, U.S.A and our freedom, veterans for defending our country, shelter to live in, food to help us survive. Noah Griffith

My family, my food I have to eat, my friends, holidays so we can be together, my new baby brother Ashton, my mamaws and papaws, my cats that love me, my school so I can learn, supplies to help me at school, my house to keep me out of the weather. Alyassa Lawson

My Nana and Pap, my brothers and sisters, my house and food, my church and the people in it, my friends and family, my mom and dad, my school, my president, my community, my teachers. Sarenity Lewis

My family, my school, my friends, my teachers, my brother, my sister and her name is Amber, my grandparents, holidays, my mom and her name is Tammy, my dad Les. Nick Little

My parents Crystal and Chris because I know they love me and I love them too, my pets Drake, Darla and a lot more like my rabbits, dogs, cats and turtles because they play with me when I am bored, firefighters, policemen, hospitals and other people because when I need them they are always there, food and water because without it I would starve, my house because without it I would freeze in the winter, I would get too hot in the summer and it wouldn’t be safe without a home, my family and friends like Melissa, Gregory, Greg, Wanda, Roy and more, light to see in the dark, clothes to wear, school to learn and meet friends, my teachers to help me learn things I can’t understand. Hannah McFall

My home, my toys, my country, my teachers, my Internet, my school, my cat, my dog, my clothes, my TV, my cars, my family, my friends, my book, my football, my mom and dad. Manuel Meade

Nice family, my house, school, friends, my community, machines, holidays, Xbox, 360s, PS2, PS3, DS, Game Cube, my mom Leslie, my dad Michael. Michael Miller

Animals, monkeys, donkeys, elephants, U.S.A., traveling soldiers, family, Andrew, Samantha, Kelsey, Andrea, Richard, Gipsi, Harold, Mary, pets Mario, Spud, Powder, Maggie and Theodore for having someone to talk to, school teachers, house a warm place to live, friends Raenn, Jaden, Alyssa, Hannah, Morgan, Emma, Emily, Kaitlyn, Courtney, Abby, Kaylee, God for giving me life, clothes on my back, communities and churches. Sidney Mullins

My Nan and Papaw, Mom and Dad, basketball, Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Teresa, my dog Rags, my cat Smokie, Ms. Ruby and Ms. Nawonia, Mrs. Bowling, my best friend Kyle, Hannah Montana and Dirty Jobs. Justin Potter

The U.S.A., the freedom to do anything I want, cops, fire departments, my mamaw letting me stay in her house when my mommy passed away and she kept me all this time and she loves me very much, having water, having heat, having a room to sleep in, having food, my school, my clothes, the plants because they give us air to breathe. Austin Profitt


My stepdad for letting me live in his house because my daddy died, U.S.A. military, grandparents, clothes to wear, nice people, hospitals, policemen and firefighters, schools to learn in, teachers to teach us, money to buy things, food to nourish our bodies. Laura Stiltner

My mom and dad, my dad Robert, clothes, my go-kart, my dog Sheen, my house, food on the table, my country, my school, my community. Dylan Tackitt

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