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Western Kentucky looks different after ice storms


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day holiday.

Bob, Don, Coreen Pridemore and myself all spent a few days at Pennyrile State Park in western Kentucky. That area had been hit hard by the ice storms earlier this year, and it didn’t look like the same place we visit every year.

We missed the Dee and Ethel Smith reunion while we were gone, but reports were that they had a good time on this hill at Tommy Harris Smith’s cabin. That was their soup bean dinner and Saturday was their reunion at Stuart Robinson Dining Hall.

Many family and friends were there, and some from as far as Colorado. Berlene Smith wasn’t able to get there, but her daughter, Susan, and her son came in to attend.

That Saturday was the memorial meeting for the Nancy Back, Smith and Dixon Cemeteries at Sycamore. Many family and friends with loved ones laid to rest there came out to pay their respects and remember loves ones who have gone on.

It was also the day that the veterans were shooting over the graves of their fallen comrades.

We attended at Horse Mill Point and a large crowd of families attended at the Whitaker and Burton Hill Cemeteries at Letcher.

Former Letcher County residents Doug and Shirley Ward were visiting during the holiday.

Susie Raglin was glad to have her son and daughterin law, Dog and Delores of Michigan, come in to visit with her during that weekend.

Coman Caudill of Doty Creek had his son, Gary, and his wife staying with him for a few days while Ernie, Janie and Mark Caudill all went to Cave Run Lake for a couple of days.

Sorry to hear that Mark had to go to the emergency room while they were at Morehead.

Mary Lou Combs, Lyle and Donna Frazier of Louisville, were here recently visiting family and attending a memorial for Lyle’s brother, who recently died. His ashes were brought back to the family cemetery at Cowan.

Donna and Francine Caudill visited their aunt, Opal Banks, and really had a good time remembering their childhood around their grandparents’, Hub and Vina Banks’s, house.

Don’t forget about the memorial on Blair Branch at the William Adams Cemetery. It’s on June 6 at 6 p.m.

There will be a multifamily yard sale at the home of Greg and Glenna Pridemore at Isom on June 4, 5 and 6.

There will be a special singing Friday, June 12 at 6 p.m., at the Old Indian Bottom Church Building at the Frog Pond at Blackey. There will be a potluck dinner after the singing, and everyone is urged to bring a covered dish or dessert. Ron Short of Big Stone Gap, Va., will be performing. Everyone is invited to attend, and for more information, call Doris Adams, 632-3777, or Jim Whitaker, 633-2571.

I’ll get caught up next week, maybe.

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