Whitesburg KY

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood


Hello everyone! As ‘Mister Rogers’ would say, what a wonderful day in the neighborhood. All is well. Sunshine beautiful. Iris and snowballs are in bloom. Family is fine What more could we ask?

I wanted to thank whoever is keeping the Obie Fields Cemetery looking good. It looks better than it’s looked in a long time. I think Becky Collins and Terry Rayburn have something to do with it. If so, thanks and thanks to anyone else that helps. I appreciate it. Lots of people are getting older and healthwise are unable to do it. Earl Rayburn also did a good job, also Archie and Margaret Fields and Mike Fields. As Memorial Day approaches, we really miss Earl and others that have gone on before him.

My husband and I went down to see Heather Day’s new tombstone. It is really beautiful and we still miss and love her dearly.

Two friends of Archie Ray Fields that work for the Commonwealth of Kentucky came down Easter Sunday and he took both of them on the four-wheeler dryland fish hunting. They are Coleen Ounroe, originally from California, that lives in Hazard and Patty Tearquino, originally from Colombia in South America, who lives in Somerset. They had never been before and each of them found 15. They truly enjoyed themselves and had a pretty good find for the first time. Glad they all had fun.

I apologize for some of the misprints in last week’s paper. There were some typing errors but hopefully everyone figured it out.

I talked to Dorothy Jean Miles on the phone, a very pleasant conversation. All of her families returned home. Glen and she really enjoyed them and their grandson Neal found a very large dryland fish and it pleased him to death. Glad they all had a good time.

On Saturday, a bunch of guys, about seven fourwheelers and a dirt bike, came by and went up Scuttle Hole Gap Road. The one man stopped and talked for a few minutes. He was the son of Kelly Ison from Kingdom Come. He said he went to Cowan School when he was younger. He mentioned that I live in a beautiful place. He was very pleasant. Hope all of them enjoyed their ride. Big Cowan

My granddaughter Ashley went to the prom Saturday night in Greensburg, Ind. She sent pictures on the phone before the prom. She really looked beautiful. Wish I could have been there to see it. Oh, how I remember those days, but I would really hate to go back and do the dating scene all over. Thank God for the memories! They will last a lifetime. Besides, I am getting too old to train another one. Ha, ha.

Prayer list this week: Arlene, Marvin and Chris Taylor, Guy Stewart, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Ann Boggs, Mary Lou Fields, Hazel Rayburn, Mike Rayburn, Bill and Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Melinda Daniel, Brack Sexton, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, Charles and Pat Large, James and Christine Fields, Mike Fields, Archie and Margaret Fields, the lost and homeless, our country, our community, and our president.

Pray that the food and gas prices will come down. In Greensburg, it was $4.17 a gallon and it is down to $4.07 — still too much. At Whitesburg it was $3.95 per gallon. It will be rough on vacationers and cruisin’.

Well folks, the ‘mouth of the South’ is running out of things to say. Be good to one another. Attend the church of your choice. Pray for one another. Forgive those who have said things or done things to hurt your feelings. You don’t know what is going on in that person’s life that day and they may say or do things that they don’t mean. Even though it is hard, try to forgive them.

Love all of you. Take care until next time.

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