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What are ‘Golden Years’?

Howdy, and believe it or not, we are having a beautiful, sunshiny day, and a mini heat wave. It’s almost 40 degrees and the forecast is for 50 or there about for the rest of the week. A lot of ice and snow has melted, but there’s still plenty left.

I talked to Georgia today. She is still not doing well. She is seeing a new or different doctor tomorrow, a specialist. I hope and pray that he can find her problems and can do something about them.

Jeanie called and said she had a couple bad days at dialysis. Usually, everything goes well.

I called Anna Lea and am wondering how everything went Monday, mostly would like to know if she had another one of her ‘wild times.’ I do hope everything went well and you will be you again.

I had a whole bunch of things I needed to do today, but I kind of played hooky. Not one of my better days. Red hasn’t had a very good one either. His sore ribs have been aching.

Does anyone know who in the world ever came up with the bright idea to call the later years of one’s life ‘The Golden Years’? I’d like to give them a good kick in the shins.

Redia stopped by awhile today. Bill was working at the store. I did call him and only talked a few minutes since he was working alone. They are both doing well and staying busy.

What’s new in the mountains of Letcher County? It seems like years and years since we were down that way. I really miss the hill country during spring, summer and fall, but can’t say I miss winter there or anywhere else. It’s my least favorite season.

What I really miss most of all are the people, ones I have known all my life and all the new ones I have met along the way. I really miss all of you and hope you miss me a little bit.

Howdy, Oma Hatton. I hope your foot is all better. Now don’t go and start kicking something, but if the urge gets too strong, make sure it’s a soft pillow or such. Is your snow all gone? It’s practically gone here, but I have no doubt we will have more. Northeast Ohio Northeast Ohio

Rose Ballard, I hope everything is well with you and your family. Any plans for a trip to the mountains anytime soon? I sometimes doubt us ever going back even though I would love to. I do miss the mountains.

Howdy to Billy Elkins and the whole clan. I hope all are well and staying warm.

Charles just called Red from Norton, Va. He, Deloris, and Deloris’s sister, Sue Hampton Sturgill of Flat Gap, Va., were there doing some shopping. At least the girls were. He said Bill and Frances Howard were just about ready to move back to Lexington. They lived there several years before moving back to Letcher County. They will be living closer to their three sons, which, to me, is a good thing as neither of them are as healthy as they once were. Frances has the same symptoms as I do, she also had an encounter with ice and now has trouble with her back. No fun, huh, Frances?

I’ve been busy most of the day but don’t seem to have accomplished a whole lot. I’m just going through and discarding a bunch of papers. Something that needed doing, so I guess I can say I did a good thing. I still have a lot to go through.

Red’s niece, Lena Stallard of Pound, Va., called us Valentine’s Day. She said she and her family were well. She was so happy that one of her grandsons had joined the church and was baptized. I got to wish her a happy birthday, which is on the 15th.

I almost forgot, Charles said that one day they had been out and about and when they returned home their resident bear had overturned the trash barrel and scattered garbage all over. I’m sure Charles was pretty perturbed, but being an upstanding Christian, he just went about the business of cleaning up the mess. If he had been otherwise, I’m sure the whole neighborhood would have been shrouded in a haze of blue streaks.

And on that note, I’m going to say so long until next week. May your hearts be filled with peace and may you wear a smile at all times.

Billy Wayne is sending this in for me. Catherine is taking a class to be certified. Just don’t ask me what it is. It has something to do with food. I will find out later.

Love and prayers to all.

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