Whitesburg KY

What comes around goes around

Hello once again!

How’s everything in your little corner of the world? As I start to write this column I can feel the longing once more to head for the mountains that I love so much.

I am finally able to bend over and work in my yard a bit without pain taking me to my knees. I better get well as I am going back before long to visit Marvin Davis’s iris garden and this time I will be bringing home some irises to plant in my yard.

I know you have heard the expression “What comes around goes around!” I know the true meaning of that saying. My son Keith Ballard did some yardwork for me. I came home to find a tree stump removed in the corner of my yard, which was alright with me, however I had planted small flowers around it. Keith saved my larger ones and pulled up the small ones and threw them away as he thought they were weeds.

Many years ago when I was about eight or nine years old, I helped Hessie Whitaker in her yard, pulling weeds out of her flowerbed. Her telephone rang so she told me to continue what we were doing. Needless to say I had pulled up her flowers and left the weeds!

How many remember seeing the beautiful flower called Princess Feather’s or Cockscomb? Each time I see zinnias growing it reminds me of Mommy calling them Seven Sisters. As a child at Roxana, I can remember Grandma and Mommy calling the iris plant by the name of flags.

I have been very blessed this spring as lilacs bloomed profusely and my poppies were very pretty, though they don’t last very long. My few different varieties of iris were breathtaking as they showed their beauty. My peonies really have been beautiful, and this has been a good year for my roses.

I have two tires that are cut and turned inside out and are on rims on each side of my steps, I filled them with white petunias and a red geranium in the center. I have a plant called Dusty Miller which is silver, and red salvia growing around the tree stump.

As I planted the flowers around the tree stump I had the strangest feeling I could almost sense the presence of my mother Ora Hall as Mom would try to scratch up a place for flowers every spring. Mom loved Touch Me Nots and Four O’Clocks. As I pulled the wide leaf platinum out of the yard I thought of how many times she would pick this along with so many other wild greens which she called sallet, not salad!

Thanks to everyone for the beautiful birthday cards and all the phone calls and emails. It really is appreciated. It doesn’t seem possible that I have reached the age of 65.

Belated happy birthday to Oneda Caudill May 27. I just found out Oneda and I share the same birthday.

Belated birthday wishes to my brother Richie Hall May 26, and to the best looking man on Ingrams Creek, Mark Roark, May 26, belated birthday wishes to Donald Bates and Jerry Halcomb May 25.

Happy birthday to my brother Jerry Hall June 3 and our uncle Charles Barton June 3. Happy birthday to my cousin Tony Shepherd June 1.

T he
I h ea r we h ave competition right here in the Harrison, Ohio area for something called the turtle man! Johnny and Ann Calihan’s neighbor found a huge turtle in her garden and she called on Johnny to help remove it. Johnny has an injured arm so he couldn’t be of much assistance. Ann said she was across the fence and that was as far as she was going. Their son Gary Calihan was there so he was able to remove it and place it someplace else. Ann said this was the largest turtle that she had ever seen. It seems turtles are a common thing around here as someone else said they had seen one in their garden.

Johnny Calihan was carrying something out of their basement and managed to hit his elbow against the wall, chipping a bone and getting four stitches.

My sympathy to the family of Eveda Ison. My heart aches for her children as my family has been there and done that.

Mona Inman, Martha Whitaker Mitchell’s niece, died after a long illness. Mona was graduated from Whitesburg High School but had made Harrison her home for many years.

Polly Ann Maucher really had a busy week going to the funeral home as another person she knew died also.

I went to the Whitewater Senior Center to listen to music. Polly Maucher was there and so was Carl Crase so three hillbillies spent a little time together, which I always enjoy.

My daughter Kay called to tell me that she bought me a new porch swing for my birthday. I told her that Keith had already repaired mine and it will last another year.

I received a nice email from Annete Akers, who is Fred and Maxi Ison’s daughter. Annette said she lived in Taylor, Mich., close to Sadie and Evelyn Ison, for 28 years and moved back to Kingscreek 10 years ago. Fred and Maxi were friends with Mommy and Daddy. Actually, Fred was some distant relation to Daddy. Fred is a brother to Lawrence Ison. I remember Lawrence and Eula and their family, however I don’t remember Fred and Maxi except hearing Mom talk of them.

Annette said she remembers the little hoop earrings that Mommy used to wear. Annette goes to church with Larry and Pam Roark. She knows all my brothers and sister.

Vickie Powers and I went to Flatland Bluegrass Barn for a very short time. A favorite band of mine was playing there, James White and Deer Creek. It was good to see James and his wife Bertha. This is a good band plus James and Bertha are such nice people. There was an eight-year-old picking with the group; this kid was really good.

Gwen Huff Farmer has been able to work in her garden in between the raindrops. Gwen is really doing great since her knee replacement.

Hello to Frick and Frack Ison. Seems as if I am neglecting you guys .I hope to see you at the family and friends get-together July 3 at New Trenton Fire Department, which Polly Maucher has. I will keep you informed each week on this event.

Hello to my two special friends Willamae and Carl Boggs. Carl went to listen to music at Hindman. He asked if I wanted him to pick me up but he changed his mind as I said I would be standing beside the road with a pair of Daisy Duke shorts on, since Carl has never met me. I really don’t blame him for changing his mind. It really wouldn’t be the most beautiful sight, me wearing short shorts. Those days are gone forever. I really do love and admire Willamae and Carl.

Hello Jessie Frazier. I bet your garden is pretty by now and you are enjoying fresh peas.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, and my sister Loretta Church and my brother Wallace Lee Hall.

Richie and Wanda, watch leaving that door open. Your sister may just pop in before long.

Larry Roark, you should be ashamed of yourself posting all that good food you are enjoying on Facebook. Don’t you know you make people like me hungry?

Actually I picked some poke to fry and decided I didn’t need the grease and threw it out.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone on Facebook web page.

I guess I had better get this on its way. So until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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