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What was best year?

Did you ever be just sitting around and start trying to decide which was the best year of your life since you became an adult?

I would have to pick 1976 because that was the year that I got my house in order and the Lord accepted me as a fit subject to work in His vineyard, and the year I quit smoking.

On Feb. 20, 1976, six days before our beloved Steven turned five, I quit smoking. After 37 years, I am still smoke free, so miracles do happen with the help of the Lord. Without Him, we can do nothing.

We lost our beloved son unexpectedly during the night of Dec. 14, last year.

Last fall, before it became very cold, he told me that until he got his disability he didn’t have any income at all, having exhausted all possible means of having any money coming in. He said that when he got straightened up, he was going to get himself another deer rifle as he had sold his.

He asked if I would go hunting with him one more time, and I said I sure would, if he would take me someplace where I wouldn’t have to walk. He said there ought to be some place, and he would find it if I would go with him.

I always felt safe when I went anywhere with him because he watched over me like a mother hen, wanting to know where I was at all times.

When we were hunting we used walkie-talkies to keep in contact.

But it was not to be, we didn’t get to go hunting together one last time, which would have meant a great deal to this old man.

When Steven worked in the mines even though he was tired he always found time to do things with me, and I enjoyed every minute I spent with him, even if I wound up doing the cooking on some of our hunting trips and listening for the sound of rifle shots, which told me that someone was having some luck.

Even though our dreams were shattered by the unexpected death of our beloved Steven, I still have my memories, which nobody except my Lord and Master can take away from me.

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