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What we need for winter

There are three things we seniors need to get through a cold winter: flashlights, insulated mittens and space blankets.

Check your battery and flashlight supply and stock up on what you need. One of the big-box stores has small flashlights, about 4 inches long, for $1, and they come with three AAA batteries. (At that price it’s cheaper to buy new flashlights than the batteries that go in them.) While they won’t light up your whole house (20 lumens), they are small enough to carry in a pocket and get you from room to room if the power goes out. Keep a few of them scattered around the house: kitchen counter, dining-room table, nightstand and right inside the front door, just in case. That way you won’t have to feel your way across the room to find a light.

Look for insulated mittens instead of gloves. Mittens have the advantage of keeping your fingers together and holding in warmth. Knitted mittens won’t keep you warm. Be sure they’re not too big and that your wrist is covered.

Consider buying one (or more) of those thermal foil Mylar emergency space blankets. They look like large sheets of aluminum foil, folded down to a few inches. When opened, these blankets are said to hold in 90% of body heat. Right now you can get a pack of two for less than $8 on Amazon, or check the sporting goods area of your local big box store. (Be sure to check the size.) Keep one in the glove compartment of your car.

In the event you have a hard winter, make calls now to find out where warming stations will be held in your town if there is a long power outage.

Be ready!

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