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What’s to become of young people?

Better put the dog up and get your steel-toed boots on.

I have been thinking again, and when I think for a long period of time I get a hangover, and I haven’t drank any evil spirits in 33 years.

Anyway, I just got to thinking about times past, and worrying about what kind of a society my grandkids will have to grow up in.

My race is almost over, so now I worry about the younger and innocent generations, the ones who are pre-teens. What is going to become of them?

Are they going to fall through the corrupt cracks of society?

Our schools are being consolidated to give our students fancy schools to attend, but what is it doing to the students who have no voice in the matter?

Some of them like the idea, but a great many don’t. They don’t like the idea of being bused halfway across the county to get to school.

Needless to say, I am not and never have been a supporter of school consolidation because, to me, that only puts more trouble in one spot.

You have a fewer number of instructors, so there is no time for one-on-one time with the students, which I think is of the utmost importance.

See, I told you to put your steel-toes on, because when I get to thinking, I am bound to step on some toes.

‘Enough said.’

As for the busing, I still remember the nightmare of Feb. 28, 1958, when a school bus plunged into the river in Floyd County, drowning 26 children and the bus driver.

Imagine, if you can, losing a child in a manner such as this, then imagine the anguish of losing three, all of your children, in one accident.

Well it happened, and it could happen again because we are not at all immune to tragedy here in these beautiful old hills of home.

Dr. Rosett, the bus driver, perished along with two children, and I doubt if he would have wanted to live after an accident of such magnitude.

Now back to the school consolidation and all the money it is supposed to save.

I fail to see where we save money if we spend millions to build a big, fancy school, plus the expense of all the extra busing.

Once the school is paid for, all the extra expense will still be applicable.

With all of the drugs and other pleasures of the devil in our society today, the chemistry classes ought to do well, whether in a large school or a smaller one.

Far too many of our larger schools put too much emphasis on sports and too little on producing students to lead our society into the unknown future.

If we produce students who excel in sports and can’t interact with society, they are still as dumb as a coal bucket.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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