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What’s your water story?

A non-profit organization in Letcher County is spearheading a new campaign to get people talking about water quality issues that they live with every day.

Headwaters Inc. wants to know “What is Your Water Story?”

“We believe that talking about these issues is the first step to instigating necessary change by bringing our local citizens into the conversation,” said Clary Estes, OSM/VISTA and projects director of Headwaters Inc. “We know that the people of Letcher County deserve better and want better, and we want to be part of the solution.”

She said citizens of Letcher County are no strangers to the many water quality issues that have plagued the region for many years.

“Stories about citizens who refuse to drink their tap water abound in the region due to the poor facilities,” said Estes. “The eastern Kentucky coalfield is one of the only areas in the United States that has water quality standards at pre-development levels.”

Estes said members of Headwaters Inc. are trying to combat the issues of poor water quality through stream cleanups, educational outreach and support of community development efforts.

“We work with local community groups and schools to improve water quality by giving the citizens of Letcher County the tools to fight this growing injustice,” she said. “Water pollution is linked to public health risks and has created a culture of distrust between Letcher County citizens and those who are supposed to keep us safe. We want to help the citizens of Letcher County to take ownership of their water systems, enabling them to say, ‘Stop poisoning us.’”

If you have a story, an idea, or an opinion, Headwaters Inc. want to hear it. The stories that are collected will be broadcast on the organization’s developing website and can be made available on Facebook and YouTube, as well as on DVD. To contact Headwaters Inc. about the new campaign, call Clary Estes at (606)- 634-8669 or email her at letcherwater@gmail.com.

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