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When was the last ‘78’ released?



1. Which band released “See My Baby Jive,” and when?

2. What instrument does Ginger Baker play?

3. Name the group that released “Wasted Years.”

4. “Afternoon Delight” was a No. 1 hit for which group?

5. In what year were 78-rpm records last released?

6. What is the “ Deuce Coupe” ballet?


1. Wizzard, in 1973. The song was covered in 1977 by Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids.

2. Peter Edward “Ginger” Baker plays drums. He picked up the nickname “Ginger” because of his red hair.

3. Iron Maiden, in 1986. It was the band’s only No. 1 U.S. rock chart hit.

4. The Starland Vocal Band, in 1976. They picked up two Grammys, and parlayed that win into a short-run summer television show the next year.

5. 1960. The 78s, usually made of a shellac compound, set the standard until after World War II, when larger 33-rpm vinyl albums became popular. Small 45-rpm singlesong records rose to popularity in the 1950s, mostly due to the pop music that teenagers were buying.

6. “ Deuce Coupe” is an avant-garde ballet by choreographer Twyla Tharp, set entirely to the music of the Beach Boys, commissioned in 1973 by the Joffrey Ballet.

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