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When we don’t want to cook

Now and then we just don’t want to cook as much as we normally do. Maybe it’s the heat of summer that keeps us from wanting to get in the kitchen or trek to the grocery store. If it’s winter, maybe there is a layer of snow on everything outside. If we don’t qualify for Meals on Wheels or any other food program, it’s up to us to figure out how to get good meals.

Some of us turn to those meal delivery programs, such as Silver Cuisine by BistroMD (there are discounts for AARP members), Diet to Go (has a focus on weight loss), Top Chef Meals and Magic Kitchen. They can be handy if we need a low-sodium or low-calorie diet, or one that’s lactose or gluten-free.

These pre-made meals can be expensive, but it’s worth it at least now and then to have a full frozen meal you only need to heat. If you search online for “meal delivery programs for seniors,” most of them have a full range of meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and dessert. Many have a weekly special with big discounts.

Compare a few different company websites. Some sites are better than others in categorizing the different foods and presenting the nutrition information. Certainly the prices vary from one to the other. Be sure to click on Senior to be sure you’ll get menus customized for us.

If you order pre-made meals, it’s one more reason to sign up for the alerts put out by the Food and Drug Administration for foods that have been found to contain salmonella or Listeria. Better safe than sorry. Go online to www.usda. gov and put “alerts” in the search box. Look for Current Recalls and Alerts. If you sign up, you’ll receive email alerts.

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