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Mostly cloudy

Which winter are we having now?

Hello again, everyone!

I hope you haven’t put away your long johns, taken the heavy covers off your bed, nor turned your heat off.

Is it redbud winter or dogwood winter? Whatever it is I am tired of the cold. Being a little cool I can take, but it has frosted in this area almost all week.

Oh why am I complaining? If I remember right it is like this every year at this time. We even had a snow in April several years ago.

Southern Ohio

If I am not mistaking, I think there’s something called blackberry winter as it gets cold just as the blackberries are starting to bloom. The redbuds are on their last days around here. Oh how I hate to see them gone. There are three large redbud trees across the hayfi eld from where I live that I really enjoy.

Les and Pat Wagner have a redbud tree in their yard. Les said he planted it so he can enjoy it, just in case they don’t get to go to the mountains.

My lilac bushes are so beautiful. These were planted 40 years ago, and came from a tree that is probably 100 years old as they were on property that my husband lived when he was a child.

I took my spade with me when I went to the mountains last weekend and felt too bad to use it. Ricky Caudill dug up me a small start of a bush at his old homeplace.

There’s a place close to where Ricky’s sister Marcia lives, and it is a good thing I wasn’t feeling well as I guess I would have tried to bring the mountain back with me. Someone had planted creeping phlox many years ago and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

On a hillside where Jr. Karaka lives close to Isom, it is filled with creeping phlox. As I said, if I could I would have half of the mountains of eastern Kentucky in my yard.

What is ironic is I can buy flowers at a greenhouse, but I prefer wildflowers or starts that have been given to me.

Years ago I would trade iris with other people so I could get different varieties. My son Keith Ballard transplanted my iris so I don’t know what I will get in color this year. At least they are living.

Betty Kelly set out a few tomato plants and this time she is getting her exercise as she has to cover them every night. I am really ambitious as I sowed lettuce in my flowerpot.

Betty and I have sat on the porch to talk to each other, but we had to put a cover around us.

Doyle and Betty Ison are on the mend as finally I felt like calling them. I am really glad to hear this.

Belated happy birthday to Valerie Adams Ison. I hope it was a good day for her. Valerie is ready for warm weather so she can enjoy riding the fourwheeler. Hello to Valerie’s son Beau.

Tony Hale and Blackwater will be at Hunter’s Pizzeria and if I feel like it, I may get to see Tony, Les and Pat Wagner, and Becky and Polly Hasty. about time I get out again.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is still having problems adjusting to medicine for ADHD. I really don’t understand what this is.

I haven’t been to see my grandchildren for a while, so going to have to get in gear and go get some hugs.

This is going to be short as I forgot I have an appointment. Until next time

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