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Whitaker family holds reunion


June 21, 22 and 23, the Whitakers had their reunion at the old Stuart Robins School campus. Sixty-two Whitaker family members attended.

Attending were Squire and Id Whitaker, the late Neldon and Tina Whitaker’s family; Shirley June Whitaker of Roxana; Jim and Linda Whitaker of Delray Beach, Fla., their grandchildren Jacob and Sarah Haas of Loveland, Oh.; and Lily Sellars of Springboro, Oh., the late Dana and Hargis Caudill clan; Bobby and Katy Caudill of Round Rock, Tex.; Patricia Pigman of Somerset and granddaughter Sharon Kaye and husband Paul Dubois and son Ethan Dubois of Riverside, Cal., and daughter Mariah O’Jalla and 5-month-old daughter Lorelei of Anchorage, Ala.; the late Mary Jane and Jim Daris family, Yvonne and Bill Alexander and Shauna Bickford of Tampa, Fla.; Jeffrey and Wally Tabol of Anderson, S.C.; Mary Anna Tabol of Washington, D.C. and friend Ben; the late Ina Mae and Hiram Ison family, Lamont Ison of Frankfort, Linda and Allen Glass of Louisville; Tommy and Debbie Ison and daughter Lyndsey and son Bryan of Russellville; Bill and Abbey Ison of Middletown, Oh., their daughter Tracy Ison and friend Eric Kelley of Cincinnati, Oh.

We were sorry that Uncle James Whitaker’s daughters, Stephanie and Patrick Mulkern, Pam and Gary Kerns, and Michelle Fisher, were all unable to leave Michigan due to illness. They were greatly missed, however they were represented by his daughter Ida, Gertrude and Bob Davenport of McMinnville, Tenn., and their granddaughter Jasmine Davenport, and grandsons Bryson and Blake Davenport, their one living daughter Phyllis Ann and husband Bing Gibson of Spanaway, Wash.; their son David and wife Kim and daughter McKala Gibson; their daughter Kim Peters and puppy Holly of Puyallup, Wash., and daughter Ida and husband Terry Steneradden of Puyallup Wash.

Four members of the late George and Anna Whitaker family, Woodrow and Darla Whitaker of Roxana, and Tom and Louise Whitaker of Connersville, Ind.; 11 members of the late Fred and Magnolia were present; Claude and Anna Mae Whitaker, Franklin, Oh.; Denver and Tessa Whitaker and daughter Nakesha of Cowan; daughter Tiffany Calihan of Franklin, Oh., and guests Genita Calihan and Brook Adams of Kingscreek; Danette and husband Larry Valentine of Tennessee and son Tony Turner of Franklin, Oh.

From the late Lloyd and Loudena Whitaker family were granddaughter Merlene and husband Doyle Day of Roxana.

Friday evening we met and had a supper of hotdogs with all the condiments. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the conversation.

On Saturday morning, Lamont Ison, Jim and Linda Whitaker, Jeffrey and Wally Tabol and Linda Glass fixed a delicious breakfast of sausage and gravy, and Linda’s chocolate gravy with Lamont’s delicious biscuits and Wally and Jeffrey’s coffee, orange juice and milk and cereal. Everyone en- joyed a good breakfast.

After breakfast, those wishing to participated in a tug of war being held on the playground between the girls and ladies against the boys and men. The girls and ladies won the tug of war competition.

We then gathered to pack lunches of lunchmeat sandwiches, potato chips, fruit and soft drinks, and journeyed to Danette and Larry Valentine’s homeplace.

Danette and her son Tony Turner told us to gather under the shade of the Upper Bottom, and as we ate lunch they told us of things they remembered of the home that burned.

Other older members told of the old log home our great-grandfather Mose Whitaker had lived in until his death in 1928.

Danette’s father, Fred Whitaker, had torn the log house down and built the house Danette and her son Tony remembered. The house burned down several years ago, and Danette and her husband Larry Valentine and Tony Turner told of building a smaller version of the old home.

They had a cellar with old skillets and other iron tools hanging on the wall. They took family members on a tour of their home and outbuildings.

We then journeyed to the Squire Whitaker Cemetery where Elders Elwood Cornett, Toby Breeding, and Robert Halcomb gathered and sang some beautiful old hymns and said a prayer.

Cousin Bobby Caudill also spoke of the family members buried there, especially the four new graves of Hiram and Ina Mae Ison and Jim and Mary Jane Davis, which had been moved there since last year.

After the service at the cemetery ended, we gathered at the Stuart Robinson cafeteria and had an auction by Jim Whitaker of items brought for sale that made enough money to take care of expenses of the reunion, and the supper of friend chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and coleslaw, with many delicious desserts and soft drinks and coffee.

After the supper was over the tables were folded and chairs gathered from around the room.

Lee Sexton’s band played music and a lady called sets as many of the family danced. Kaitlyn Gibson played a guitar and sang. Later, Mary Anna Tobal also played the guitar and sang. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

Sunday morning many of us gathered back at the cafeteria and had a breakfast of sausage and gravy, cereals, milk, juice and coffee. We then helped stack the chairs and tables, leaving everything in as good condition as we found it.

We all thought we had had another good reunion.

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