Whitesburg KY

Whitakers visit Somerset cabin

Blair Branch

Hello all! I hope you all are doing well and had a lovely weekend. I know I sure did. The sun sure was beautiful, even if the wind was cool.

I spent most of the weekend outside working around the flower beds, removing old mulch, planting flowers, and putting down new mulch. I am sore from working so much.

I told Michael I had worked like a mule all weekend and now I am going to pay for it. I guess that is a sign that I may need to move around more on a regular basis. At least now Michael and I can sit back and relax on the porch swing, watch the birds at the feeders, enjoy the way the yard looks, and listen to the wind chimes play their tunes.

Mom and Dad (Allen and Sylvania Whitaker), as well as my brother Wade and his family, spent the weekend in Somerset at our cabin. They wanted to relax before Mom had hernia surgery on Tuesday. They went to the Amish Village in Liberty while they were there.

James Curtis Smith was taken to the ER on Saturday night. He was having chest pains. I believe they said it was stress related. I hope he is feeling better now.

Roger Whitaker and Steven Hampton both had to go to the ER on Sunday. Roger has strep and fluid behind his ear, and Steven had a stomach virus. I hope they both are feeling better as well.

Johnny and Tammy Whitaker have been spending the last few weekends at their home here on Blair Branch. It has been nice to have them around more often. I know that Dad enjoys having his brother here on the ‘holler’.

I spoke with Danna Smith, and she said Wanda Caudill had a really good day Sunday. Danna had talked to Edgar Whitaker, Wanda’s son-in-law, and he said that Virgil Caudill had gone to see her. They had her sitting up for the first time. She was talking, but Danna didn’t know how much. They are seeing a diff erence in her each day.

Danna’s sister-in-law, Joann Adams of Prestonsburg, has her last chemo treatment on April 30.

Tommy Harris Smith hurt his knee on Friday. Danna said he pulled something in it, and she has been looking after him, taking him meals and such.

Mary Jo Blair’s sister, Lillie Moss Hale, has an appointment in Hazard April 29, with Dr. Sharma about her hip. They are checking to see if it is healed yet. She hasn’t been out since she has been home from the hospital because she hasn’t been able to put her full weight down on it.

Ty Colley was able to come home from the hospital on Saturday. He had been in to have blood because his counts were down. He had an appointment April 19 to have a scan and an ultrasound on his lungs. We are praying for good news.

I would like to send out belated happy birthday wishes to Daniel Jent. He celebrated his birthday April 19. I hope your day was filled with all the love and laughter in the world!

Krystal and Phillip Albers will celebrate their wedding anniversary on April 25. Congratulations to you two. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary and have many more love-filled years together!

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will get you next week. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, you may do so at alanacouch@ tvscable.com.

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