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Harding Ison, Bertha Day may get to return home

FORMER MARLOWE RESIDENT -  Bernadette Brown Wilson is the youngest daughter of the late Edna and Sylvan Brown, formerly of Marlowe.

FORMER MARLOWE RESIDENT – Bernadette Brown Wilson is the youngest daughter of the late Edna and Sylvan Brown, formerly of Marlowe.

Hello, everyone. Hope things are going well for all of you.

I talked with Margaret (Hatton) Combs a few days ago. She told me her aunt, Laura Napier Hollan’s, daughter died about two weeks ago. She was her only child. Anita was only 50 years old, a registered nurse, and had worked all her life. She was living in Statesville, N.C. I think Laura is the only one living of the large family of Mary and Bill Napier, who lived in Marlowe. Our sympathy surely goes out to all her family.

I was so sorry to have missed my good friend, Maudella Fugate of Chavies. I had a doctor’s appointment and went on to the nursing home and wasn’t home to see her.

Shirley Wells, my brother, Hubert Howard, said you called him asking about me and Clyde. I appreciated that. I am doing OK, having physical therapy twice a week, and Clyde is about the same, having rehab about every day.

Harding Ison seems to be doing better and is about ready to go home. Also, Bertha Day is doing well and was supposed to come home on Tuesday. I’m so happy for them.

DANNY RAY BROWN is pictured with his children and his stepdaughter. He is the son of the late Edna and Sylvan Brown, formerly of Marlowe.

DANNY RAY BROWN is pictured with his children and his stepdaughter. He is the son of the late Edna and Sylvan Brown, formerly of Marlowe. “He may be remembered by his red hair and brown eyes,” says Oma Hatton. “I’m sure he still has brown eyes, but what happened to the red hair, Danny?”

Emma Lou Engle, you can forget the quarter you owed me. When you called me a celebrity, the debt was paid in full. I just tell it like it is or at least like I see it. I would like to get to know you better. Maybe we can meet again before too long.

My son, Astor “Red” Hatton, is working at Don Hall’s service center in Ashland selling cars, Pontiacs, Chevrolets, and Cadillacs. He’s a natural born salesman and doing well and likes his job.

I have another great salesman in my family, Bill Hatton is selling big trucks and loves it. I’m proud of my four sons. They are all so special!

I’m glad Denny Ray Hatton’s heart cath went well and he didn’t have to have stents put in.

I had some surprise visitors on Saturday, my friends, Pat Branham and her sister Sally Taylor, came by. I may have walked them to death. I took them all over the hill. I sure enjoyed their visit. They met my goats, Buford, Dolly, Molly, and Daffy, and my pug dog, Jazzy, and Clyde’s dogs, Speck and Ranger, and even some neighbors’ dogs. I hope they come again soon.

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. We are having ours on Wednesday. It will also be Clyde’s birthday party. He’s looking forward to coming for the day and getting to see all his family. He will be 84 years old.

They had a nice Father’s Day at Letcher Manor on Sunday, gifts for all the men and a breakfast brunch. Clyde was having a good day. I stopped off on my way home and had a nice visit with Joyce and Hubert Howard, even had lunch with them.

Seems like I was eating a lot last week. I enjoyed dinner with Wendy and Kevin Day and sons Rocky and Larry last Wednesday at Pine Mountain Grill. I don’t get to see enough of them anymore. We are all so busy.

I heard the people at Gordon had a good rain. Wish it had come by our way. We really are needing rain. The gardens, flowers, and lawns are thirsty.

Morris Franklin seemed to be doing better. His daughter, Teresa, is so good to visit him and bring him his favorite foods. I think I met his son, Mike, the other day, I wasn’t sure. It had been a long time since I had seen him.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. Hope to see you there! I also hope Betty Sue Anderson’s husband, Earnest, is doing better and out of the hospital by now.

News from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“I could not wait to tell all the seniors of my visit with Louise Brown over the weekend. I had a wonderful visit with Louise and her family Saturday night. Louise is in a rehabilitation center in Duffield, Va. She has been on a ventilator since her surgery several months ago. When I walked in the room, there was that pretty smile on her face.

“Louise is working hard to get herself weaned off the ventilator. Louise has a wonderful support staff, her family. Everyone is rallying together to help her while she is on this road to recovery. This Brown family deserves a gold star. You can automatically feel the love when you walk into Louise’s room.

‘Their granddaughter was telling me on this visit that she was named after her grandmother. I think Amanda has a great personality and could some day have a career in caregiving. I know you have been a big help to your grandmother, mother, and aunts. Amanda gets her good looks from her grandmother, Louise, and her great personality from her papaw, Donald. Amanda, you’re an awesome teenager and I know your parents and grandparents are proud of you.

“I informed Louise how much her Ermine Senior Citizens Center family is missing her. The center is hoping to plan a trip to Duffield July 13. We encourage everyone to remember Louise in your prayers. We ask to pray for strength, comfort, encouragement, calmness, and for God to provide this family with spiritual and physical means to travel this road to recovery.

“On my way home I remembered how their daughter, Sandy, and I played high school basketball together. How we thought al those hard practices, all that running, we thought we would die if we ran one more lap. But, one thing we never did was quit; we endured. So, Louise, with the help of God (who is everything), the support of your loving family, friends that love you and are praying for you, just remember to stay focused and take it day by day. I am so proud of you, Louise, you make me want to set my own personal goals higher. You are incredible, Louise. We cannot wait to see you again.

“Louise wanted me to tell everyone how appreciative she is and wants to thank everyone for cards, love, and support she has been down during this time. Louise and family love visitors. If you need to know directions, call the center. We will be accumulating some items the center family thinks the Brown family could use during this time. If you would like to know what is needed, or need directions to the facility, contact site-manager Angie Phipps at the center, 633- 4054, for more information.

“We have a big week scheduled at Ermine. Wednesday we are decorating for a big summer party. Thursday is the first day of summer and to celebrate we are hosting a Flip Flop Potluck Summer Party. Friday, there is a trip to Prestonsburg and the flea market, lunch, a tour of Loretta Lynn’s homeplace, a visit to Jenny Wiley Park, shopping, and lots of fun and laughs.

“It was good to see Phoebe Craft visiting back with us at the center. We welcome Ruth Banks to our center family and we hope to be of great service to you. Also, Bobby L. Bates of Coeburn, Va., we welcome you to our center family. But, we miss Bobby Bates of Whitesburg, and Mae Hicks and Ruby Breeding. Where are you, girls, stuck in the garden? (We miss you gals.) Metrey and Lorraine Kuracka, Everett and Louise Joseph, stop by as soon as you can and see all of us at the center.

“Please remember the following in your prayers: Louise Brown and family, Eva Sexton, Jenetta Cook, Christine Bolling’s dad and family, Minnie Craft, Georgia Stallard, Arizona Williams, Hattie Mason and family, Pauline Adams, Betty Combs, Josephine Spangler, Vina Lucas, Normia Toler, Joyce Pease and family, Rhuford and Coleene Hart, Yvonne Hammock, Paul Hampton, Clyde Hatton, Frank Majority, Janice Foster, Mable Cornett, Jack Blair, Anita Pigman, June Kincer, Sam West, Etta ‘Babydoll’ Long, Opal Mason, Pauline Mason, Avery and Betty Johnson, Ronnie Phipps Jr., Angie Phipps, all seniors and staff. Until next time, pray for us and we will pray for you. Love and prayers.”

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