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Rob Hatton visits from Owensboro

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather, although we had storms on Saturday evening with hail. I hope no one got any damage.

I saw my cousin Imogene Adkins in Food City Saturday. I don’t get to see her often, even though we live about three miles apart. She said that her sister-in-law Danola Andrews was doing pretty well.

I heard that David Trent had been back in the hospital, but was out now. I saw him at work, but didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

I was sure glad to have my son Rob of Owensboro for four days. I really enjoyed it. I wish he didn’t live so far away, but we talk real often. He got to spend some time with brothers Larry and Billy.

I went to visit Anna Lou Combs at the hospital, but she had already left.

I talked with Ada Miller King recently. She had two heart attacks, but was doing better. She said her sister Ann Vanderpool was still having a lot of health problems.

Ruby Howard called and said that her family was doing okay. She was bragging on her two sons Bill and Mike. That’s what moms do; we are proud of them.

A lot of my family has been sick, but are feeling better, Kathleen Brock, Louise Shepherd and her daughter Carol Day.

Rob and I had dinner with Kathleen Brock and Ron and Debbie Lester Saturday evening at Pine Mountain Grill. It was good seeing Lizzie Mae Wright and Martha Davis there.

I didn’t know that Martha’s husband had died. We sure offer our sympathy to her. She is such a sweet lady. I got to know her at the Ermine Center.

I haven’t been able to be there in a long time; something always comes up. But I think about all of you and still remember where everyone sat.

Juanita Profitt and Earl are still about the same. We talk often.

Our church, Whitco Pentecostal Church, had a youth rally Saturday night. I didn’t get to go, but they said it was wonderful. They had a packed-out house and some folks had traveled three hours to get there. The parking lot was all used up.

Wanda Tolliver is a patient in Hazard ARH Hospital and needs to be remembered in prayer.

Juanita Adams in Indiana, I’m glad you missed my news while I was sick, but I’m fine now. I feel like I did when I was 50, except when I look in the mirror. I just need to take all of them out.

Hello Anna Watkins in Florida. I’m so glad you are doing better, and also Roberta Willie in Roanoke, Va.

I wish all of my Marlowe friends all lived close to me, but all their houses here have been gone for years. I still remember where they all were. Those were real happy years, and the people all still seem like there was a bond there.

I have been so busy enjoying my good company that I haven’t had time to gather up some news. I could use some old pictures. Send me some of yours and I’ll show them off for you.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. There may come a time when you can’t go.

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