Whitesburg KY


I went to the funeral of Paul Wilson. I’ve known his family about all his life also. His dad was also my pastor many years ago. It was good seeing the family.

My brother Hubert Howard’s wife Joyce had surgery on Thursday at Whitesburg ARH Hospital. She came home yesterday and is doing well and the surgery went well. We sure were pleased. We all love Joyce, all of us Howards!

My grandson Chris Hatton and his friend Donald Pease went to a fishing tournament in Tennessee. I hope it goes good for them.

My brother Hillard Howard called me from Florida yesterday. He was going golfing. He wasn’t having the cold, snowy weather we were having.

I also got a call from my friend Anna Watkins in Florida. She also was having warm, sunny weather. Her daughter Janie was there with her. I sure did enjoy talking to her. She still sounded like the little girl who lived next door to us over 50 years ago. I sure loved them and still do. We keep in touch.

I also got a call from Claudine (Brown) Sturgill in Ohio, who lived in Marlowe as a child. She said her brother-in-law who lived at Pert Creek died. He was a Sturgill, can’t remember his first name. His funeral was in Whitesburg.

The sun is shining and it’s warm today. I hope it melts this snow and ice so we can have church on Sunday. We have been missing that.

I talked to Dorthy Tacket today. She was so happy the snow was melting. She was missing her church and hoping she could go on Sunday. She said her sister Linda Hall was doing better and was back home. I’m glad for that.

I just got word that Shirley Niece died this morning. She had been so sick. My sympathy goes out to all her family. They’ve all been close friends of all my family for many years. She will surely be missed. Pray for her family. They have been such a close family.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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