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Whitesburg council has good news for Solomon at November meeting

Residents of Solomon Road got some good news at Tuesday night’s November meeting of the Whitesburg City Council.

Kevin Howard of Summitt Engineering, who has worked with the city on efforts to get more water pressure to Solomon residents, told the council that by hooking a new six-inch water line that runs from the new Letcher County Recreation Center into the Solomon line, the project is now almost complete. Howard said the installation of a pump station is all that remains.

Whitesburg Water Maintenance Superintendent Chris Caudill told the council that water pressure at the highest point in Solomon is now 35 pounds per square inch, which meets the legal limit for water pressure. Mayor James Wiley Craft asked Howard if the pumping station would still be necessary since water pressure is now at the required level and Caudill answered, saying the legal limit is for 35 PSI with multiple users at the same time and the pump station is necessary to maintain that level of pressure.

In other business, the council voted to pass a resolution renewing the city’s participation with Letcher County in Hazardous Duty Retirement for city police officers and employees of the Whitesburg Volunteer Fire Department. Mayor Craft said the city is responsible for 37.76 percent of the premium for city police officers and fire department employees and the individual is responsible for eight percent. Craft said this is an ongoing renewal that is done every year. He added that he will continue to push for all eligible city employees to be included in Hazardous Duty Retirement.

The council also approved a letter containing list or priority projects to be sent to Letcher County Judge Executive Jim Ward and included in the county’s priority list for 29th District State Senator Johnny Ray Turner and State Representatives Leslie Combs (94th District) and John Short (92nd District), who represent the county in the state legislature. The letter asks for funding for a sewer project to serve Lower Craft’s Colly Creek and Dry Fork, because Craft’s Colly lies above the city’s potable water intake on the North Fork of the Kentucky River. It also asks for

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