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Whitesburg fourth graders are thankful for…

West Whitesburg Elementary School’s fourth graders have written essays on the things for which they are thankful. Here is what the children wrote:

Melody Lewis’s class:

I am thankful for:

A mom, a dad, a brother, a cat, the food I eat, the clothes I wear, a good school, a good home, a church, good technology. Cruz Adams

My loving family, my home, having a four-wheeler, my dirt bike, my school, my teachers, my toys, my friends, my health, my clothes. Jackson Adams

A loving family, great parents, good home, great school, good brothers, good grandmother, good friends, great pets, great shoes, great bus driver. Billy Adams

Loving family, good friends, teachers, food, water, clothes, house, dad, mom. Austin Amburgey

The food that we eat, my family, my home that we live in, the light that we have every day, the animals that we see every day, the cars we drive in, the U.S. flag, the U.S. Army that protects us, the toys we get, the electricity. Matthew Ashby

Living, a house, a loving family, a name, clothes, a vehicle, heat in the winter, cold air in the summer, food and water, a TV. Coleman Begley

A loving family, my good friend, a good school, the food, my home, my relatives, nice teachers, the government, the President, and for people to care about me. Dylon Cates

My loving family, my home, my brother, my animals, my school, my teachers, my sister, my friends, my grandparents, God. Ethan Collier

Family, free country, school, friends, home, health, computer, webkinz, pets, cheerleading. Sarah Halcomb

A loving family, good friends, the food I eat, my home, awesome teachers, the clothes I wear, having freedom, my bed I lie on, my pets, and the trophies I have won. Brandi Pease

My family, my home, my Nana and Papa, my brother, my school, my teachers, my country, my friends, my health, my clothes. David Potter

A loving family, my baby brother Keaston, my teachers, my school, holidays, my toys, my bed, my granny, food, the world. Dezzy Shepherd

My house, the clothes on my back, Jesus, my dirt bike, my TV, a good mommy and daddy, good friends, books, a mamaw and papaw, school. Alex Sturgill

Sandy Earls’s class:

I am thankful for:

My mom and dad, my house, my vehicle, my sister Cheyenne, my brother Aaron, my mamaw and papaw, all the toys to play with, my teachers, my school, my food. Jacob Adams

My family, my four dogs, my house, my clothes, my cars and a four-wheeler, my neighbors, my bed, my church, my lights in my house, my TV, Jesus loving me. Bethany Allen

A loving family, dirt bike, four-wheeler, PlayStation 2, guns, horse, dog, toys, home, food and water. Travis Bailey

A loving family, the food I eat, the home I live in, the bed I sleep in, the clothes I have, the friends I have, the school I learn in, the people I know, the air I breathe, the life I live. Austin Caudill

A family, friends, shelter, food, school, wealth, clothes, my shoes, stove, drinks. Robert Combs

My mom, my dad, my brother, my clothes, my school, my teachers, my house, my friends, my car, my food. Daniel Hall

A loving family, a mom that cooks supper for us, warm clothes, the good food that I have, a warm house, a brother, a great mom, a dad who takes me hunting, a dogs Rud and Hoss, a great best friend named Tessa. Thank you for taking time to read this. Savanna Hampton

My family, my friends, food I eat, God, people in the world, the world, my pets, animals, my house, my teachers (my school). Stephanie Hurst

A caring family, my pets, my sister, my mom and dad, my papaw and nana, my friends, my teachers, God, food that God gives to us, my life. Daisha Lamb

My house, my family, my cats, my dogs, my game, my aunts, my mamaw, my papaw, my bird named Cassy, my friends. Julie Linville

God, Jesus, family, water, food, God’s Earth, animals, friends, my teachers, my pets. Summer Newsome

My home, my brother, family, my life, my friends, my mom, my dad, my sisters, my Uncle Bobby, our God. Jace Stewart

My family, home, food, friends, school, teachers, soldiers, Lord Jesus, and U.S.A. Tessa Stewart

My dad, mom and sister, my papaws and mamaws, my uncles, aunts and little cousins, my friends, my animals, my health, my freedom, my home, my country, God. Emily Stidham

Nancy Trent’s class:

I am thankful for:

My family, my home, my mom, my life, my nana and papa, my auntie, the world, water, television and video games, my friends. Shane Caudill

My house, my friends, my clothes, my food, my school, my bed, my shoes, my car, my family, my God/Jesus. Holly Collins

My family, my mom and dad (Audie and Allison), my home, my bus driver Ronnie Morgan, brothers and sister Austin, Brady, Ally, my dogs Molly, Daisy, Bonnie, food, clothes, TV, all the love I get. Audie Fields

Pets, family, friends, teacher, God, a heart, caring brothers, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Trent. Jordan Gregory

A loving family, a home, friends, life, God, doctors, Earth, planets, cars, school. Cameron Hampton

Health, parents, house, brother and sister, food, friends, God, schools, clothes, my dog Petey and Daisy. Dalton Hayes

A loving family, my friends, mom and dad, granny, papa, everything I have, clothes, shoes, socks, teachers. Chad Ison

My granny Cleo, my mom and dad, my church and all its members, my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Dick, my duck Aflax, my dog Roscoe, my home, my friends, my wonderful life, most of all I thank God that I have all these things to love. Courtney Jackson.

My family, my dogs, my friends, my teachers, my house, my toys, my food, my TV, my bed, my school. Sarah King

My family, my dogs, food, technology, Christmas, my dirt bike, basketball, clothes, God, vehicles. Jordan Maggard

Dog, home, parents, church, friends, grandparents, school, God, food, a loving family. Walker Meade

My loving family, my health, the food I eat, the school I go to, the air I breathe, all of my friends, caring people, all the animals, the clothes I wear, the place I live. Austin Polly

My family, my dogs, Jesus, my friends, my cousins Madison, Keyara, and Skylar, my food, my home, my clothes, my freedom. Kori Strauss

A loving family, God making the world, God, my dirt bike, being on this earth, having a girlfriend, food, my dog, shoes, football. Aaron Thomas

A good family, being healthy, the food I have, the water I drink, that I have a home, my pets, being able to go hunting, the electricity to play my games, my friends, my teachers. Dylan Wright

Michael Potter’s class:

I am thankful for:

My family, God, my home, my freedom, my clothing, my animals, my country, my friends, my health, my food. Keaston Banks

My family, God, my home, my freedom, my school, my animals, my country, my friends, my health, my food. Austin Banks

My family, my friends, my house, my school, my teachers, my God and Jesus, my food, my clothes, my shoes, and last but not least my cars. Ashley S. Benton

Family, friends, house, school, clothes, PS 2, food, TV, car, being able to read. Torell Carter

Family, friends, food, shelter, clothes, car, TV, PS 2, video games, school. Michael

My loving family, the house we live in, my friends, food we eat, my mom, my teachers, the Earth, bed to sleep in, toys to play with, people that help others. Delilah Fleming

The food at my house, the clothes I wear, all of my friends, my mommy and daddy, my brothers and sister, the shoes on my feet, the roof over my head, my PlayStation II, my eyesight. Bobby Heiston

My mom and dad, my house, the food I eat, my grandpa and grandma, the church I go to, my teachers, my school, Wendy’s fast food, the shoes on my feet, Mrs. Frankie. Johnathan Mullins

Mommy, Tanner (my brother), Shrek, my aide Linda, my teachers. Tyler Handshoe

A loving family, all of my friends, all the food that’s been provided, we have a place for learning, the U.S.A. freedom, that people who have jobs, having houses, my German shepherd (Sarge), computer technology, last but not least teachers. Tori Ison

Mom, dad, house, food, aunt, Thanksgiving, cat, car, dog, clothes. Glenda Noble

My dad, my mom, that she can get out of work to come see me play football, that my dad comes to my football games, my mom’s very, very good job, my house – it is very big and very nice, my friends, my dogs and my cat, the car. Lauren Noble

That I’m alive, a good mom and a good dad, my Papaw Doug for letting me go to his house, my MaMaw Phyllis who is dead but I love her still, all the aides at school that help me so much, all my teachers at school and I love them all, nurse being at my school in case I get sick, my horse because it rides me whenever I want to ride it, all my friends, all my girlfriends. Dougie Pendleton

My clothes, my family, my friends, my house, my car, myself, my school, my shoes, my toys, Whitesburg. Cheyenne Sexton

A loving family, my mom, my dad, my friends, my home, my church family, the freedom that we have, my food, my clothes, Jesus. Brittany Spangler

Home, mom, dad, food, school, teacher, clothes, God, Earth, the little bit of money I got. Erin Tackett

A loving family, my mom, my dad, my sister, my friends, my home, my papaw, my mammaw, my school, Jesus. Brandi Whitaker

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