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Whitesburg fourth graders express thankful thoughts



Here are the thankful thoughts of the fourthgrade students at West Whitesburg Elementary School.

Melody Lewis Bird’s class:

My family, my house, Thanksgiving, my mother and father. Jason Adams

A loving family, having good teachers, a good house, clothes, good parents. Makayla Ashby

My loving family, food, my church, my house, for God. Marlee Baker

Food, God and Jesus, my dad and mom, my brother and sister. Sara Cates

My loving family, my heart, my home, my health, homework. Molly Collins

My house, my school, my mom and dad, my bed, food. Jonathan Eldridge

My loving family, my grandpa, my teachers, my cousins, Nana. Makayla House

My loving family, my soccer teammates, my best friends Hannah and Logan, my health, my mom and dad. Katelyn Ison

My loving family, my home, my cousins, my aunt and uncle, my health. Berlin Johnson

My loving family, my friends, my brother, my sister, my mom. Karlee Kincer

My loving family, my school, my cousins, my grandparents, my parents. Kyra Lamb

My brother, my papaw, my loving family, my mamaw, my mom. Kealan Lucas

My nice house, Jesus and God, freedom, good food, my healthy body. Hannah Sexton

My loving family, my friends, Jesus, food and water, my teammates. Logan Sexton

My tender loving family, Jesus, God, my brother, my cousin. Kyle Smith

My loving family, food and drink, my schools, my friends, Jesus’s birthday. Stesha Stidham

My loving family, shelter, food and water, God, my friends. Michael Sturgill

My loving family, my home, my friends, my parents, my school. Caleb Thomas

My mom and dad, my sisters, teachers, Ms. Ruby, God. Ashley Vanderwarker

My loving family, my cousins, my sister, my mom and dad, my school. Alex Waddell

My loving family, food and drink, my school, all that I have, my home. Gabby Wyatt

My loving family, my good school, good meals, good health, my home. Willie Wyatt

Nancy McCray’s class:

My cousins, my sister, my brother, my whole family, my house to keep me warm, the good old USA, and my school and teachers. Kasie Amburgey

A loving family, my dog, all my relatives, my home, a car, my education, and sports. Malcolm Bailey

My mother and father, my grandma and grandpa, my home, my brothers, my teachers, my friends, and my pets. Jessica Boggs

My mother and father, my grandma, my greatgrandma, my home, my loving relatives, and my games to entertain me. Jayda Carrier

My brothers, my mom, my grandma, my caring but sometimes crazy relatives, my clothes, my education, my teachers, my house, and a car. Dayjha Carter

My relatives, my house, my teachers, my school, my freedom, and the veterans who fought for our freedom. Hunter Combs

My home, a loving family, my life, my school, my teachers, and God who takes care of us. Caleb Cook

Kasey’s family, my home, my world, my life, food, my school, teachers, and a bed to sleep in. Vincent Fleming

My mom and dad, my brother, my crazy relatives, my dog, my school, my teacher, and my friends. Clayton Kiser

My church family, my freedom, my pets, my family, nice fourth-grade teachers, my house, my neighbors, my electronics, the Bible, and food to eat. Jonathan Little

My family, my house, my school, my church, my dog, my friends, my teachers, and the clothes I have to wear. Adam Lucas

My mother and father, my grandma and grandpa, my friends, my school, my teachers, and all my other relatives. Zach Maggard

My home, my clothes, the food I have to eat, for a loving family, my school and teachers, my friends, and for TV so I can watch the news. Taylor North

My mother, my sister, my brother, my grandma and grandpa, my cousins, a home, food to eat, and friends. Shaylee Pease

Books to read, my mom, my grandparents, all my relatives, friends, and games to play. Kyler Sexton

My family, my school, my church, my food, my life, my friends, my clothes, my bike and skateboard. Kyle Slone

My mother, my father, my sister, my brother, for food, a home, water to drink, my teacher, my school, all my relatives, my cats, and a bed to sleep in. Gracie Smith

My mamaw, a loving family, all my relatives, my pets, my friends, my home, for food, my clothes, my school, and my teachers. Chloe Sturgill

My home, food to eat, my mom, dad and sister, the games I have to play, my teachers, our freedom, and the Marines. Thomas Whitaker

My mom and dad, a home, my school, my teachers, my games, my clothes, and my friends. Ricky Wyatt

Michael Potter’s class:

My home, food, water, clothes, life. Hunter Adams

My family, God, coal miners, freedom, my school. Chase Adams

God, my family, my grandparents, my school, my home. Abby Bentley

My family, food and water, electricity, my school, my friends. Jedediah Blair

My family, God, my buddies, the environment, my school. Josh Cress

My home, my family, pets, good, God. Autumn Day

My family, electricity, my friends, soldiers, my school. Zachary Dollarhyde

My parents, my shelter, my friends, my grandparents, my school. Haley Dunn

My home, food, my plant, my friends, my family. Abby Enfusse

My family, my home, food, God, soldiers. Makayla Eversole

God, my family, my friends, my school, veterans. Tyler Fields

God, my family, my school, my church, food. Katelyn Gilley

My family, God, food, my home, this world. Kelsey Helle

My parents, my grandma and grandpa, my home, my school. Ronald Hensley

My parents, the flag, food, my school, coal miners. Chase McBee

My home, God, my school, my family, soldiers. Bo Meade

God, my mom and dad, food, water, clothes. Blaine Nicholas

My family, my friends, my home, my school, my church. Emily Sexton

My friends, my family, the flag, coal miners, my school. Nick Spangler

My grandparents, my family, my home, laws, soldiers. Jacob Sparkman

My home, food, God, my parents, soldiers. Caleb Stidham

My friends, my family, forgiveness, the sun, my school. Selena Wurschmidt

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