Whitesburg KY

Whitesburg has changed with the new buildings


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I’m having a cup of coffee and watching it rain. It sounds good and I love it, especially when I don’t have to go out.

My son, Larry Hatton, and wife Linda have gone to the lake for a few days for some much needed rest. They work so hard. I hope they have a great time; they always do. I miss them and I’m sure the grandchildren do. They keep busy.

We have a lot of folks sick and needing prayer, my sister, Kathleen Brock, and my brother-in-law, Donald Brown in Indianapolis, Ind.; and also Joyce Morris is in Pikeville Hospital.

Her husband, Glennis Morris, is in revival and I’m sure he misses her pretty singing there. He spends most of his time with her. They are so close!

I got to see Rose Ballard last week. I thought we could spend a lot of time together, but her brother was real sick and in Whitesburg Hospital. I visited her there and got to meet her brother and his wife and some more of the family. I wanted to take her out to eat, but she didn’t want to leave.

We enjoyed ourselves anyway and her family was real nice. I hope she can come back soon. We’ve still got a lot to talk about and she sure looked good.

I was glad to see Margaret Brown (don’t know her married name). She was working there at the hospital and we talked about the Hatton reunion. It went real well. They had all worked hard. I’ve known Margaret about all her life.

We offer our sympathy to the family of Amanda ‘Mandy’ King. She lost a brother, Bill King, a real short time ago. I’ve known the King family for many years. They were Marlowe people.

Our sympathy goes out to Jim Duncan’s family, and also the family of Buddy Roe.

I got a call from my sister, Joann Brown in Indianapolis, Ind. It’s always good to hear from folks. Her husband, Donald Brown, is not doing too well.

My sister Betty Tyree came out to visit awhile. I’m always glad to see her. I love my family. We don’t visit a lot, but we talk every day.

There’s not much going on around here.

Ada Miller in Miamisburg, Oh., I’ve been thinking about going out to the cemetery where your family is buried and taking pictures to show you how well it is being taken care of. You wouldn’t recognize all the changes. I’d like to take pictures of a lot of buildings that have been built, our new health center and our great, big recreation building and new businesses and our pretty Whitesburg sign and wider road.

I know you haven’t been able to come back in a long time and it sure is different. I love all the changes that have been made.

Sunday morning, I got a call from my friend Rose Ballard telling me her brother, Richard Hall, had died. Last week we visited him in Whitesburg hospital, and I didn’t know he was that sick. He kept a smile on his face and I was so impressed with him. I think he lived at Kingscreek. I don’t know what his arrangements are.

I’m sure Rose will try to be back in though she has a hard time getting away. The family sure has my sympathy. They have a lot of sickness in their family.

My sister Betty Tyree is a great-grandmother, and Lisa Honeycutt and Robin Tyree are grandmothers of a baby boy. I can’t remember his name.mThey said he was beautiful. I’ll find out more about him.

I haven’t heard from Anna Watkins in Florida in awhile. I hope she is doing well.

I also haven’t heard from Elzie Ray Hatton in Tennessee in awhile. I hope he and Irene are doing okay. We missed him at the Hatton reunion.

I guess this is enough of my rattling on, so God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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