Whitesburg KY

Whitesburg man earns jail release after two months

A Whitesburg man was recently released by the Kentucky Department of Corrections after serving more than two months in jail on drug charges.

Jonathan Andrew Akers, 29, of 156 East Main Street, Whitesburg, was released from jail on Feb. 14. He had been serving time in jail since Dec. 1, 2010 when he was convicted of second-degree trafficking a controlled substance (drug unspecified). He was originally sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.

Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney Edison G. Banks said Akers served less than 90 days of his sentence under new guidelines from the Department of Corrections and the mandate from the governor, legislature and Kentucky Supreme Court. Banks pointed out that convicted felons are to be released as soon as they serve 15 percent of their sentence. They also receive jail credit for good behavior, taking a class or meritorious services as determined by the warden.

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