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Whitesburg warns speeders

Speeders beware. The City of Whitesburg says it will no longer tolerate speeding on downtown streets.

At the October meeting of the Whitesburg City Council, Mayor James Wiley Craft asked the council to approve the purchase of two hand-held radar units for use by city police officers and said he had spoken with the Kentucky Department of Highways about getting speed limit signs put up. Craft said he was told the speed limit is 35 miles per hour from Fifth Street to Fourth Street and 25 MPH from Fourth Street to Church Street. The limit is 35 miles per hour past Church Street going out of town.

Craft said he has recently observed people going as much as 15 m.p.h. faster than speed limits allow, even when pedestrians are in crosswalks, and said he wants to get it slowed down before someone gets hurt. He said Whitesburg will not become a speed trap, but he will see that downtown speed limits are enforced. Craft added that the radar units will not be used on the Highway 15 bypass unless a problem develops there, but was adamant that speed limits will be obeyed downtown.

In other business, the council heard a report from Kevin Howard of Summitt Engineering on progress on several water and sewer projects in the city. Howard told the council that the nursing home pump station is complete but still needs some touch up work to satisfy Chuck Cornett, who allowed them to use his property to access the pump station. Mayor Craft told Howard to make certain everything is done to accommodate Cornett’s wishes as he had allowed them to use his property. Howard said a Nicholasville company, Olive Chemical Solutions, has the best solution for sewer odors on Maple Street and in other parts of the city. He said a test installation is in place and it should take a week to be certain it is doing the job. Howard said chemicals are released at regular intervals to kill bacteria that cause the odors. Craft said to make sure to stay on top of the situation.

“Now that you have attended to this problem we appreciate it,” said Craft. “I’m sure the people who live there will too.”

Howard asked the council to go ahead and authorize Craft to initiate the purchase of a 2000 gallon tank for chemicals if the test project proves to be successful. Chris Caudill of Veolia said the 55 gallon drum now in use will last for about 27 days with a release rate of two gallons per 24 hours and that Veolia workers will monitor it closely to determine the exact release rate necessary. The council approved the request unanimously.

Caudill also reported on smoke tests conducted on Maple Street and said that two or three residences had smoke come into their houses. He said Veolia workers told them how to address the problem and added that there are no major leaks in city sewer lines on maple Street. Caudill also said they raised a vent by 20 feet with the help of the Whitesburg Fire Department, which should also help with the odor problem.

Caudill said Veolia and city workers are flushing water lines regularly to keep brown water incidences down but said the city has some very old water lines in town. He said they flush lines in the Upper Bottom, which are the oldest, on a weekly basis and flush all dead end lines weekly too.

The council also learned that Whitesburg may be featured on the cover of a nationally-syndicated magazine. Mountain Comprehensive Health Care CEO Mike Caudill and his son Lee Michael Caudill presented a short slide show about the results of the Heritage 2K Truck Show held in Whitesburg in September. Mike Caudill said the show has grown in size and national reputation and although this year’s show was slightly impacted by rain after several years of good weather but still had more than 200 participants, down from the usual 300 plus.

Caudill showed several shots of custom vehicles in various locations in Whitesburg and told the council he has not been informed which one will be chosen for the cover of Mini Trucking

He said five shots are competing for the slot and that other shots from the show may be on other magazine covers as well. Caudill thanked the council for their ongoing support and said it would be impossible to have the show in Whitesburg without the cooperation of the council and the Whitesburg Police Department.

Caudill also announced that he has purchased the old Hoover’s Furniture building and that it will be used for a business purpose. He said he wants to get into developing it a little more before he makes any announcements as to the final purpose but added that the building has a great deal of space and is sound.

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