Whitesburg KY

Whitesburg will have two police officers on duty now at all times

The City of Whitesburg will see an increase in police activity soon.

The Whitesburg City Council voted unanimously Tuesday at the council’s January meeting to hire an additional police officer. Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft told the council the city police commission met recently and had recommended adding an officer to the force. Craft asked for a motion on the recommendation and the council voted unanimously to hire Office Michael Blair to augment the force.

Police Chief Tyrone Fields told the council the city will see an overall increase in police activity now and added that the number of officers now on the force means that two officers will always on patrol in the city. Fields said Blair will be a good addition to the police department.

Paul Nesbitt of Nesbitt Engineering introduced engineer Steve Vogelsberg to the council and said Vogelsberg will be working with the city on water related issues. Water Maintenance Director Chris Caudill attended the meeting but did not speak. Caudill underwent recent surgery and he said his voice is still a bit weak. Nesbitt also told the council his company is still looking for funding sources for a number of city projects.

With luck, the city may see the return of the highly acclaimed Shrine Circus sometime this fall. Anthony Cornett, current president of the Mountain Shrine Club, approached the council to request permission to hold fundraising roadblocks for the dates of May 3, July 5, and a date in October to be decided. Cornett said the Mountain Shrine Club has put in a request for the Shrine Circus this year and that he hopes the October fundraising efforts will make it possible to allow free admission to the event. The council also gave the club permission to use the River Park on June 21 for a Kids Day event.

The council also granted the Cowan Dance Team permission to hold a roadblock on March 1 to help fund a trip to a dance competition at Disney World and voted to allow the “Bring Marty Home Foundation” permission to hold a roadblock on January 18.

Both Mayor Craft and Councilman John Williams praised city workers for their hard work and willingness to brave the elements during the recent bitterly cold weather. Williams said he had been very impressed with the workers’ efforts in keeping city streets safe and Craft added that the city is very fortunate to have such an excellent staff.

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