Whitesburg KY

Whitesburg will host two Halloween ‘safe nights’

People in Whitesburg will be able to celebrate two Halloween “safe nights” on the same night this year.

At the October meeting of the Whitesburg City Council, Mayor James Wiley Craft announced the city and Letcher County would both hold separate safe nights in Whitesburg on October 31. Whitesburg’s will be held in front of City Hall from 5 until 8 p.m., and the county government will hold its in front on the Letcher County Courthouse at the same time. Zombies, ghouls, and goblins will be able to visit both sites and load up on treats.

In other business, City Water Maintenance Director Chris Caudill told the council that several more pumps have gone down since the last council meeting, including three chemical pumps for the water plant that cost $900 each. Caudill said the city had replacements for the chemical pumps, but the ones that went out will also have to be replaced because state law requires backups for chemical pumps at water plants. Caudill also told the council that the city water line that crosses the Kentucky River at Craft’s Colly Bridge is holding, but is still in danger of breaking. Councilman John Williams said he had gone to see the line and it “looks bad.” Caudill said a lift station pump near Walmart also failed last month.

The council voted to allow a roadblock for the Letcher County Miners Pee Wee Football Program to be held on November 2 and to allow two five-kilometer runs for fundraisers. One run will be held December 2 at 1 p.m. for the Letcher County Cougars (inclusive of all county middle schools) Middle School Football program and another will be held November 8 to benefit the Tree of Hope.

Councilman Williams also praised the Mountain Heritage Festival Committee for 31 years of hard work in putting on the highly successful

Mountain Heritage Festivals. Williams said his wife had suggested that the council hold a dinner or another kind of event to celebrate the committee. Mayor Craft agreed with Williams and said the festival is very important to the city. Craft praised the committee for its dedication and hard work and said it has become pretty much a yearround job to be a committee member. He said each member sacrifices family time and works very hard to make the festival successful.

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