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Go-cart riders chased by protective turkey

FUNERAL GATHERING -  Pictured are some of the mourners at the funeral of Fred Blankenship, who died in an accident at the Elkhorn Jellico Coal Co. mine at Marlowe in 1931. Oma Hatton says,

FUNERAL GATHERING – Pictured are some of the mourners at the funeral of Fred Blankenship, who died in an accident at the Elkhorn Jellico Coal Co. mine at Marlowe in 1931. Oma Hatton says, “Some of you may recognize some of these. I knew some of them.”

Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. Everyone seems to be getting ready for vacation trips.

My son, Astor (Red) Hatton, and his family have been in North Carolina for vacation. They will be heading back home to Ashland. They reported a good time.

My son, Billy, and Sandra will be spending some time at their lake house where Don Bentley is doing some work, building a gazebo and lots of other stuff. I can’t wait to see it. It was already beautiful there.

We were saddened to hear of the death of our good friend, Ray Back. Our sympathy goes out to Beulah and their son. They were special friends to all us Howards. We had them at all our reunions as long as they were able.

Janice Sue (Trent) Profitt wants to tell her nephew, Jerome Hatton, and wife Missy she loves them very much.

My son, Rob, and his daughter, Rocki, and her husband, Matt Hill, were sure pleased to run into all the Trent brothers, David, Tommy, and Johnny Mack, at the cemetery on Saturday. They hadn’t seen each other in a while.

It was good talking to my special friend, Tommy Baker. She wants to thank all the people who prayed for her daughter, Darlene, who had surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington. She is doing better and hopefully will be coming home real soon. She is one fine lady and nurse.

Linda and Dennis Hall and Dorthy Tackett visited Coy Morton at his daughter, Peggy, and Doyle Isom’s of Isom and really enjoyed themselves. Coy played the banjo for them and Dorthy ended up buying Coy’s banjo for her grandson. Coy is a legend here for his banjo playing and also teaching lots of people how to play. It is a great privilege to own that banjo!

I also got a call on Saturday from Coy telling me how much he enjoyed their visit, so it sounded like everyone enjoyed themselves.

I visited with Irene Brown and Danola (Adkins) Andrews at Letcher Manor on Saturday. Irene was really hurting over the death of her brother, Ray Back. Danola seemed to be doing pretty well with her broken arm.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Hazel Brown. You may remember her from all her years working at Hoover’s Department Store in Whitesburg. She had been sick for so long. Our sympathy to all her family.

Dorthy Tackett is going to South Carolina on vacation with her daughter, Charlene Mason, and husband Ricky and son Blake, and also her daughter, Jeanette Yonts, and husband and their children, Joy, Drew, and Seth. I’m sure they will have a good time and they probably won’t even think of me.

This is just too good to let it go by – two of our good friends went riding on their go-cart and they got into a huge turkey’s territory and it got after them. Iva Lou and Rick Collins tore down bushes and everything getting away. I wish I had been close by with my camera and got pictures. It might have made the world’s funniest video.

I’ve been a little under the weather. The doctor said I had a stroke. I can’t raise my right arm and my shoulder hurts. I’ve been having some tests run and I’ll have to have physical therapy. Hopefully everything will be OK. Mention my name and Clyde’s in your prayers.

Thanks, Jim Cornett, for the picture of the Fred Blankenship funeral in 1931. You thought his son had been killed with him. It was T.W. Easlerling and his son, Billy, that were killed the same day. Billy was only 17 1/2 years old then. He was going to Whitesburg High School and played football. His sister, Hazel, was my best friend. She’s living in Wise, Va., now. She married Charles Ramsey and after his death she married John Stanley, who is deceased now. The mine accidents happened in the mid ’40s. I’ll never forget that said time. I was 15 years old.

I’ll be looking forward to see- ing the old pictures you have of Marlowe. I miss the late Wid Page when I see old pictures. We were good friends and shared our pictures. He and I graduated eighth grade together at Marlowe. There were only four of us. Wid was salutatorian and I was valedictorian and the other two were Ada (Miller) King, now living in Miamisburg, Ohio, and Barney Sizemore. I was asking about him and Tom Taulbee called me and told me that he was his uncle and had passed away years ago.

I think I’m rattling on, so it’s time to stop. May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week. Smile, God loves you!

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