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Who deserves God’s blessing?

For quite some time now I have been writing little articles down here on the funny farm and submitting them to The Mountain Eagle. I have stepped on a few sore toes in the process because some people don’t see eye to eye with what I write. But I write things as I see them and don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I imagine it would take all the fun out of writing if all who read it agreed with me.

As I have stated before, if my articles suddenly stop you readers can pretty well assume that I met my demise, so this article is on a different note than what I usually write.

Like most other people I have taken a lot for granted over the years and yet I looked into the eyes of death four times in less than a year. If God hadn’t intervened I wouldn’t have survived the first instance in October 2007. I had to walk with a cane for over a year wondering why I had to learn to walk all over again. Having congestive heart failure, I could very well have dropped dead because of a stopped-up stent. Since they cannot be removed, I now have two in the same place, and hung my cane in the closet.

In February 2008 I almost bled to death due to four ulcers, having to take 13 pints of blood before the bleeding stopped. I told the doctor I just came in for an oil change and he said, “Yes, and you almost had a rod knocking.”

In June 2008 while at Lake Cumberland vacationing at the cabin, my heart failed. But I fell backward and when I hit the ground I hit hard enough to get my heart beating again, but only 14 times a minute. At least it was trying to work, so at Lake Cumberland General Hospital they kept me alive for 24 hours with an external defibrillator before my heart started trying to work on its own. In the meantime I kept wondering which was worse, dying of heart failure or being electrocuted? When the doctor or doctors resort to injecting you with atropine, you are in bad shape as you in the medical profession know, because atropine is a nerve gas antidote.

When I hit the ground that day, I got some CPR from the Lord. If I had been lying down when it happened they would have buried me seven months after my brother. The same thing happened to him while lying down, and that is the way they found him.

In August 2008 the doctors stopped and restarted my heart two times, trying to get it back into rhythm, but they were unsuccessful. And that is why I have a pacemaker and defibrillator now.

On another note, there was no guarantee that my heart would start working again after being stopped the first time, much less two times. I have a father who takes real good care of me even if I don’t deserve it, but when you get down to bare facts who can truthfully say that they deserve the blessings of God?

I could answer that question myself but won’t because I don’t feel that it is needful to do so, because God knows and man’s opinion is worthless. Aren’t you glad that mortal man will not be the final judge?

From down on the funny farm.

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