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Who gave us ‘Blue Bayou’?



1. Which singer-songwriter produced “Blue Bayou”? What was the b-side on the record?

2. “Ain’t That Peculiar” was a hit for which artist?

3. Which singer-songwriter released an album titled “Sweet Baby James”?

4. Name the singer-songwriter who released “Sailing” and “Never Be the Same.”

5. What was Patti Smith’s debut single?

6. Debut album “Appetite for Destruction” was certified as platinum 20 years after its release. Name the group.


1. Roy Orbison, in 1963. Oddly enough, “Mean Woman Blues” went higher on the charts that the better known “Blue Bayou.”

2. Marvin Gaye, “The Prince of Motown,” in 1965. The song was used in the 2003 film “American Splendor.”

3. James Taylor, in 1970. The album included “Fire and Rain,” which Taylor allegedly wrote about having shock therapy in a mental hospital.

4. Christopher Cross, in 1980. Both went to the top of the charts and appeared on his self-titled debut album.

5. “Hey Joe,” in 1974. It didn’t chart, but “Hey Joe” established Smith as a rocker.

6. Guns N’ Roses. The group released the album in 1987. Since then it’s made numerous “best” lists, including being ranked No. 16 on Rolling Stones magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

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