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Who hit with ‘Disco Inferno’?



1. Who was Elmo Glick?
2. Name the group that released “Disco Inferno.”
3. They called themselves The

Moments … until they changed
their name. What was the new
4. Which band had a hit with
“Listen to the Music,” and when?
5. Name the song that contains this lyric: “A tropical heaven
out in the ocean covered with
trees and girls. If I have to swim
I’d do it forever till I’m gazin’ on
those island pearls.”

1. That was the pseudonym
for Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller,
composers and producers of
scores of hits, including “Hound
Dog,” “Kansas City,” “Ruby Baby”
and “Yakety Yak.”
2. The Trammps, in 1976.
The song didn’t catch fire until
1978, after it was included in the
soundtrack for “Saturday Night
3. Ray, Goodman & Brown.
The Moments released “Love on
a Two-Way Street” in 1970 and
“Special Lady” as RG&B in 1979.
4. The Doobie Brothers, in
5. “26 Miles (Santa Catalina),”
by the Four Preps in 1958. Santa
Catalina Island is 26 miles out
in the Pacific southwest of Los
Angeles, a magnet for 1 million
tourists per year. The main focus
is romance.

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