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Who is Andrew Loog Oldham?



1. Which Jo Stafford hit from the 1950s netted her a No. 1 slot on charts in both the U.S. and U.K.?

2. Who is Andrew Loog Oldham?

3. Name the group that had a Top 10 hit with “Livin’ Thing,” and give the decade.

4. Which group released “Day After Day,” a song covered by Rod Stewart 35 years later?

5. What was Lou Reed’s first solo release? What was the name of the band he left?

6. Which girl group had a hit with “Eternal Flame,” and when?


1. “ You Belong to Me,” in 1952. The song was originally written as “Hurry Home to Me.”

2. Oldham was the Rolling Stones manager from 1963 to 1967. Although only 19, he had the brilliant idea of keeping custody of the master tapes and leasing them out for bigger profits.

3. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) in 1976.

4. Badfinger, in 1971. The single from their “Straight Up” album and went to No. 4.

5. “Walk on the Wild Side,” in 1971, was Reed’s first solo single after leaving The Velvet Underground.

6. The Bangles, in 1989. The song was No. 2 for the year, behind Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” ©2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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