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Who left the freezer door open?

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

I would like to know who opened up a freezer door and let cold air out! Whoever did it can sit in the naughty chair as I don’t find it amusing! Nope, not at all.

It seems overnight the leaves have departed from the trees, like children leaving home.

Thanks to the people who have taken pictures of the mountains that I call home and I love so much, and are sharing them with so many on the computer.

Many years ago when we lived in the village of Harrison, we lived next door to an older couple, Arthur and Anne Montgomery. Aunt Annie, as everyone called her, was blind. At one time Aunt Annie could see, so she knew what colors were.

I was expecting my fourth child, and my three other children were in school. After I would get my chores done, I would see Aunt Annie on her porch so I would fix a soft drink for us then go sit with her on her porch swing.

Aunt Annie would ask me to tell her the color of the sky, the clouds and the trees. As I would describe the colors, I would close my eyes and try to imagine what blindness would be like.

She would reach over to me, place her little hands on my face, trace the outline and procede to tell me how pretty I was.

I would hug her and say, “Aunt Annie, we both know you can’t see”, and she would laugh in that sweet way she had, and say, “Child, you are so beautiful.”

I was so blessed to have known this gentle woman and her husband who were in their 80’s.

They had Concord grapes that would have gone to waste, so Uncle Arthur asked if I would make jelly.

The only problem was he wanted it made the oldfashioned way without Sure Jell, which meant just sugar, water, and grapes. I had never made homemade grape jelly though I had fixed blackberry and raspberry jelly. I don’t remember how many jars I made for them, but this started a ritual for many years to come.

It is ironic how changing of seasons can bring so many memories cascading from out of nowhere.

I really have been fortunate that so many older people have helped shape my life. We are so busy now that no one has time to spend with an older person, to listen to them.

It pleases me to be able to spend time with my grandchildren.

Vickie Power and I took a drive to the cemetery in Greendale, Ind. As you go into the cemetery this is absolutely beautiful scenery as tall pines are on both sides of the driveway.

My grandfather Ben Adams, my uncle Fred Adams, along with his wife Mary are buried there, and my aunt Nora Gulley and her husband Omer Gulley are buried there too, as well as my mom’s uncle Raymond Hollins. I have no idea where since I haven’t been there in several years.

I wanted to find out Pop’s (Ben) birth date and when he died. Somehow I think I have gotten bitten by something called the genealogy bug, and I think it is contagious and addictive.

I can tell you who I caught it from, Gary Eldridge and Ann Calihan.

I gave Gary my greatgrandmother Nancy Coots’s information, and he confi rmed what I thought was possible.

I really envy Gary for being so knowledgeable. I’ve never really taken too much interest in family history.

Ann has a book of Caudill genealogy that I really wouldn’t want to get into as probably would be more confused than I am and believe you me, I am confused enough.

If I dug to deeply in my family, I may find that I am related to myself or that I am my own grandma.

I did find some information on a relative of Ann Calihan’s, someone called Stiller Bill Caudill. I printed off a picture of Stiller Bill and a picture of his cabin and gave it to Ann.

Gladys Hogg sent me a pipe and a bowl that belonged to my great-grandmother Nance Coots and pictures of Ma Coots, which mean a lot to me.

Surprises seem to always be in store for me. Just about the time that I am about to give up this column, here comes a note or a phone call saying how much they enjoy my column.

Doris Hopkins, who is from the mountains and a cousin to Jon and Libby Caudill, sent me a beautiful note.

Doris was at Isom Days when I was there, and she enjoyed seeing the Elvis impersonator. I think she got a smooch or two. As a matter of fact I know she did, as I was way in the background though I didn’t know it was Doris.

I have never been really impressed with impersonators, actually I have only seen a couple, but I will say one thing about Doug Church, from a distance Doug has a good act.

Years ago a musician friend from the Cincinnati area was into this. My husband and I went to a concert, mostly because he was a good musician, and it was fun watching the audience’s reaction.

It was such a pleasure hearing from Doris, and I am looking forward to meeting her in person.

Doris and her husband have a camper that has a sign that says ‘Mental Ward’ on it, so they already have a place for me.

Doris and her husband are retired teachers, and everyone knows how I feel about that. Teaching must run deep in the Caudill family as Jon and Libby Caudill are both teachers though not active at the present time.

I also understand Jon’s wife is a teacher too, and a very good one.

I am so very proud to say my granddaughter Jodi Gray is a teacher. I just hope she doesn’t regret this choice of a profession as today’s generation isn’t what it used to be.

My son Keith Ballard has been in the hospital so it has been a rough couple of days. Keith is all right now, but it could have been a different ending.

I had plans to go to Bowling Green to watch Beechwood Marching Tiger’s Band perform in the semi-finals. My plans didn’t materialize as my daughter Anna Nottingham kept asking me not to go. Anna was afraid the weather would be too nasty for me.

I tried to tell her that I have gone to enough bluegrass festivals. I know how to dress!

Beechwood won state championship for the third consecutive year. They were in heavy competition against Hazard, and actually won by a small margin as Hazard and Murray tied.

Hazard Band of Gold is an awesome band and gives me great pleasure to know this.

I must say my heart glows with pride for Beechwood as I know my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham is just one little pea in this big pod that makes it all successful.

Anna called me just in time to tell me that for a small fee I could watch state finals on computer, and this I did.

I was very disappointed as the video kept going off. Most importantly I did get to see Beechwood compete although my vision was foggy with tears welling up in my eyes.

Anna taught me how to use my cell phone to text, and we were on the phone back and forth until after 12:00 that night when the winner was announced.

There was a traffic accident on the way to Bowling Green and a couple of the parents missed their performance.

Anna said something about Hazmat, whatever that is. Anna said she was so glad I was home.

Gwen Huff Farmer in Illinois, Shirley Wells in Clarksville, Tenn., and I listened to WDVX from Knoxville, Tenn., via the Internet with our favorite DJ, Alex Leach. This was so much fun being able to chat with Gwen and Shirley and listen to the music. This was the first time we had done that in a long time.

Gwen is gearing up for several hunters to come visiting her place.

Doyle and Betty Ison have been busy cooking as their family lives close enough to come to be with them. Betty and Doyle have adopted words from an old song, “. . . put more water in the soup as family is coming.”

I love to go to Doyle and Betty’s as they have also become family to me. Doyle must be getting my little building ready as he painted it, and now all I need is an extension cord to hook up a little heater.

There are times I feel like taking everyone up on their invitations and showing up at their door, saying ready or not here I am.

Eula Tolliver, you really aren’t that far away so one of these days I may just pack a bag, call and say I am heading your way.

Gwen’s cousin Susie in Arizona, your invitation is so tempting as the weather is getting colder here in Ohio. If I could run from myself, I would in a heartbeat.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is really looking forward to Halloween. I have decided to get a pumpkin and let Bennie help me and see what it is like to make a fresh pumpkin pie as I am going to babysit him next week. Wish me luck as it has been years since I prepared a pumpkin pie from scratch.

Belated happy birthday to Shirley Wells, Oct., 29.

I hope everyone stays safe with this storm called Sandy.

Larry Roark posted something on the computer about snow in the higher elevations of eastern Kentucky. I hope Larry keeps it down there, though there’s snow predicted in our forecast.

My electric fireplace is so beautiful since I turned it on, plus my electric blanket feels so nice too. Sure doesn’t take much to please me.

I have a busy day so I better get this on its way before it is too late.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367 4682.

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