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Who released ‘Havana Moon’?



1. Which singer/songwriter released “Masters of War,” and when? What was the song about?

2. Name the group that had a hit with “Too Much Time on My Hands.”

3. Who had a hit with “Your Love” in 1975?

4. What kind of music did The Surfaris, The Champs, The Ventures, The Shadows and The Atlantics have in common?

5. Which handheld music device went on sale in 1979?

6. Name the artist who released the album “ Havana Moon” in 1983.


1. Bob Dylan, in 1963. The song was about the arms buildup during the Cold War. For its February 1963 issue, Broadside magazine printed the song’s lyrics and music on the cover.

2. Styx, in 1981. Two years later, the band’s “Mr. Roboto” went to No. 3. The song’s chorus line starts with Japanese lyrics.

3. Graham Central Station. They’re still playing after all these years and recently opened for Prince.

4. All were surf groups, getting their start in the 1960s.

5. The Sony Walkman. The introduction of the first personal stereo cassette player sparked a revolution in personal electronics.

6. Carlos Santana. The single by the same name was written in 1957 by Chuck Berry of “Maybellene” fame.

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