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Who sang ‘We Just Disagree’?



1. Which group had their biggest success with “I Can See for Miles”?

2. Name the group that had hits with “Sloop John B,” “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “In My Room.”

3. Eric Clapton, The Strangeloves, Cliff Richard, George Thorogood and The Grateful Dead have all covered this 1958 hit. Name the song.

4. “We Just Disagree” was popularized by what artist?

5. Name the two duos, 15 years apart, who released “If This World Were Mine.”

6. Finish this lyric and identify the song: “At first I was afraid I was petrifi ed …”


1. The Who, in 1967. It was an international effort with portions recorded in London, New York and Los Angeles.

2. The Beach Boys.

3. “ Willie and the Hand Jive.” The song is a dance with specific hand clapping and arm movements.

4. Singer-guitarist Dave Mason, in 1977. He was backed up by writer Jim “ Bruiser” Krueger on 12-string guitar. Kreuger, a prolific songwriter, left a wealth of music at his death in 1993.

5. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, in 1967. Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn, in 1982.

6. “… Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side.” “I Will Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor, 1979.

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