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Who won the Wii game?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope everyone is well and happy and has plenty to eat.

I guess most of us have company. My son Darius, wife Shelia and daughter Lauren were to be home, so I’ve put the bird in the oven and fixed all the trimmings that go with it. But it will just be a happy time to have my family home.

Ermine senior citizens have been playing the Wii game. Jim Craft and Betty Pike played a game, and the score was 200, 46 to 180. They both claimed the highest score so I really don’t know which one won. Your guess is as good as mine.

Just give it to the one you want to have it, I guess.

Bob Mayhew was back playing, but I didn’t get their scores.

Last Friday, 16 of us went to Pikeville to shop. We stopped at the Super Walmart, then Shoney’s for breakfast. After that, we shopped at the mall in diff erent stores, then on to Big Lots.

So we had a wonderful day and a great time, as we always do when we go on these trips.

The ladies from Faith Moves Mountains were there last week also. They were Marie Maggard and Stacey Dollarhide. We had a great time with them, and the food and drinks they fixed for us were delicious.

They will be coming back on Tuesdays each week until the program is over. We really enjoyed having you ladies, and we like to see people coming in to be with us.

Martha, we’ve been missing you. I think she has been under the weather a little.

Tuesday was our Thanksgiving dinner at the center, but when you read this it will be over and time to have our dinners at home.

But now it’s time to put up the Christmas tree so we can be ready for jolly Old St. Nick when he gets here. We are all children at heart. Once a man/woman, and twice a child, so we’re again children, don’t you all think? I do. We’re looking forward to Christmas and families.

So seniors, come and be with us as we are one great big, happy family at our center. You will enjoy being one of us.

Where have you been, Oma Hatton? You get back to the center. You’ve lost your chair.

So long for now, love you all. God bless until next time.

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