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Whom are they worshipping?

Since some people are of the opinion that I am off in the head, like I am about three bricks shy of a load, I guess I ought to add a little fuel to the fire.

You know, really give them something to talk about.

My old friend, Paul Morris, hit the nail on the head during his Sunday night ‘Humors from the Hills’ program, June 13, when he stated that people are reluctant to mention Jesus Christ in their worship service.

So whom are they worshipping? Whom are they praying to? It is as if they are ashamed to own Him as their Lord and Savior.

In the Good Book, the road map through life that ‘thou shall have no gods before me,’ and ‘if you are ashamed to own me before mankind, I will be ashamed to own you before the Father and His holy angels.’

I may act as if I am touched in the head sometimes, but I believe those two messages are quite clear and to the point.

Anybody can disagree with me if they like, but it won’t change my way of thinking.

The book I wrote about that the lady brought me gives many examples of the trials and tribulations the people went through just to keep certain churches up and going.

To me, it appears as if too many people are worshipping the building which houses a church, instead of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Nothing seems to be good enough or them. That little man called Jesus, whom I worship, was born in a stable, a barn, and may the Lord have mercy on my soul if I ever get the feeling that I am any better than He was.

He was the poorest of the poor, but yet He came to this corrupt and unforgiving place called Earth to suff er and die to save mankind from their destination into hell.

But as He already knew, many rejected His off er of salvation and are still doing it today.

He was rejected, but, but the beam and cornerstone of the church, the church, is God’s church, composed of God’s people, those who have been through the fire and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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