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Whooping cough at epidemic levels in Ky.; only 1 case is seen here

Whooping cough is at epidemic levels in Kentucky, but only one case has been reported recently in Letcher County.

Libby Banks, nursing administrator for the Kentucky River District Health Department, said the case was reported to the health department in late August by a private physician. Banks said the case was followed up and treated by the same physician. She said there have not been any cases reported in surrounding counties.

The state Department of Public Health says that 381 cases of whooping cough, which is a virus, have been confirmed so far in 2012. The Lexington- Fayette County Health Department said 50 cases have occurred there this year, double the 26 cases they’d seen in the previous five years.

“I know there have been cases in the central part of the state,” said Banks.

Banks said whooping cough is spread through respiratory droplets by sneezing and coughing.

“Good hand washing is always a good precaution for everything,” said Banks.

She also suggested covering mouths when sneezing or coughing.

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