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WHS reunion held in Lexington

I hope everyone had a blessed week!

I want to share some news from Don Webb. A reunion of all the classes of the old Whitesburg High School was held at the Downtown Hilton Hotel in Lexington the weekend of June 25-27. More than 300 graduates, former students and friends, including several from California, Florida and other distant states, registered for the event.

Graduates from decades of the ‘20s through the ‘80s represented their classes well. The oldest graduate in attendance was 99-yearold Mabel Blair Burklow, a graduate of the class of 1929. Elizabeth “Dot” Combs Webb from the class of 1938 represented the ‘30s, while several from the ‘40s were present.

Six members of the Hobart and Nola Combs family from around the country combined a mini-family reunion with the WHS event. The largest number in attendance were members of classes of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The weekend activities included a Friday night social, a large banquet and dance on Saturday night. Door prizes were given by several of the alums, including gift baskets, a country ham, fresh Florida fruit boxes, as well as a UK basketball, UK football, and tickets to a game in both sports.

The weekend ended with a breakfast on Sunday morning before those proud alumni returned to their homes. Another such event is now being planned for 2015.

Thank you, Don, for sending this in and for the beautiful picture of the two lovely ladies.

Our sympathy to the families of Nathan Hall, Bethel Martin, and Lois Baker. Nathan and I were classmates, and he was so much fun at our reunions. Bethel was our neighbor, and Lois Baker was so well known and had done so much for our county.

Get well wishes for all the sick and hurting in our county and everywhere. May God bless each of you.

Happy birthday wishes for Jennifer Stansberry Isaacs, Jared Isaacs, and April Webb Johnson.

Coolie and Janice Baker celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary this past week, as did Clester and I.

Three of my dad’s children got married in 1961. Edsel and Carol Baker will celebrate their 49th anniversary in August.

Prayers go out for Bubby Vance, Sue Hill, Sherry Fields, Goble Hall, and James Taylor.

Tommy and Betty Stansberry took our grandsons, Jared and Ethan Isaacs, home to Richmond last Friday. They had a really nice visit with both daughters, Jennifer and Melissa, and their families.

Friday, the Colson seniors traveled to the Blackey Center for another Fourth Bash, and it was great. We had some wonderful singing by the Blackey seniors, and the four girls were so much fun.

It’s rare for youngsters to get the true meaning of what our country is all about. They did a tribute for the veterans. Judge Ward gave out certificates to the veterans there. They were Lonzo Caudill, Coman Caudill, James Caudill and Jim Amburgey. Magistrate Keith Adams also presented each veteran with a pin.

I really enjoyed meeting Ute Caudill, and hearing about how she married an American soldier, came to Kentucky in 1976, stayed here and raised her two boys. She is such a good singer too!

I enjoyed a visit with Alleen Blair and Rick Hall. You never know whom you will meet at the centers.

If you’re not watching the Government Channel, you should be ashamed. It keeps us informed about all goings-on in the county. It is Channel 98.

I had a nice visit from Jean Cook this week, and I also talked to Alice Waddles.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth, and may God bless everyone.

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