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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Why can’t people be more like animals?

PEOPLE OF THE WEEK -  Michael and Andrea Clemmons of Southport, N.C., are North Carolina correspondent Gladys Smith's people of the week.

PEOPLE OF THE WEEK – Michael and Andrea Clemmons of Southport, N.C., are North Carolina correspondent Gladys Smith’s people of the week.

Each day is a new beginning and today is cool and clear – a day to enjoy. Our goats sure enjoy the good grass it seems. They are so big now I cannot handle them. I have new baby bantam chicks in a bird cage hanging in the living room; snakes catch them outside. We have seen a lot of snakes on the roads, also in the yard.

Hope all had a nice Mother’s Day. Pete and I were invited to a covered dish dinner at New Beginnings Church in Shallote. It was nice. Moms got a rose and candy. I got a box of cookies by UPS from Terrance and a Roseanne tape from Pete, but I must say the delayed present was a call from my nephew’s son, Benjamine, from Neuenede, Germany.

It seems Aunt Gladys is the first and only woman minister in the Maggard history. I minister on Wednesday nights at the Solid Rock Pentecostal Church in Wilmington. This is homecoming time for churches. Every Sunday is homecoming in Wilmington. For a recent homecoming the Federal Point Pentecostal Church in Wilmington welcomed T.R. and Boys gospel group from Fayette, N.C., and the Bordeaux Family from St. Pauls, N.C. Each Sunday is spent in fellowship.

I visited Mr. Jack Raleigh for an interview but he wasn’t feeling well. I ask all to remember him in your prayers. There is a lot of sickness everywhere and all need our prayers.

It was nice seeing Joyce and Charlie Whitaker’s picture in the paper. Pat and I often speak of Joyce. If she reads this, hello to you from Pat and Gladys. Pat, Jim, Pete and I always get together when they come down.

I sure miss Caleb and Alizah. Hope they soon move back. I have baby kittens for them, one apiece. You know children. The parents of my daughter-in-law, Chanel, miss the grandchildren too. Caleb and Alizah are their only grandchildren.

As people of the week I choose Michael and Andrea Clemmons of Southport, N.C. Michael is retired from C.P. and L. and Andrea works on Bald Head Island. Both are very nice people. Michael is a fisherman and hunter.

I love to read Linda Bordner on “Nature’s Way.” I really like to read about the ocean and shells. It seems we had an extra low tide April 16. It is amazing to see the tide pull out and sweep back in. It will make one seasick at first. People come from hundreds of miles to see the ocean which we take for granted, myself for one. I could get there in 15 minutes but never go.

I often sit and watch our pets and their reactions and wonder why people can’t be more like them. I will explain that. When they awake in the morning, instead of being somewhat bored they are ready to take on the day by playing and are full of energy and loving. Just take aluminum foil and make a ball and they will play all day, especially the cats. Contrary to the saying, my cats and dogs don’t fight. My big male cat somehow got out of the dryer vent and landed under the apartment floor. Pete had to dig him out. He had never been out and was terrified. Boy, was he glad to get back in the house. My vet told me to never let our pets out. Earl let Missy out and she fell in the ditch water. Missy is very smart; she cooled off from this heat.

I talked to Addie Faye Maggard and she is proud of her granddaughter, Tabitha. It seems Tabitha is a highway patrolman.

Wal-Mart in Leland is large. Connie will enjoy shopping there. Looks like Bellville will be expanding. This is a pretty place to live. North Carolina isn’t as wild as it was; actually, Leland has expanded really quickly.

Like Rose Ballard Durham and others say, those Kentucky mountains are beautiful, but I don’t want to live there and don’t want to go over those mountains.

As for gas prices, people can’t afford to go very far. All those gas wells in Texas – no more said.

Being a minister, I often have the question ‘which way to go?’ When he or she asks me this, I say “What do we do about Jesus saying He is the way, truth and life, no one can come to the Father except through Me,’ John 14:6.

I will close wishing everyone near and far a blessed morning. Look up in the morning and see how the day knows its place, knows its time and keeps it. See how the morning light takes hold of the earth and of the air which is turned to it as clay to the seal, instantly receiving the impressions of it. Job 38: 12 and 14.

From the Smith house, blessings to all. Hello, Vernon and Connie.

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