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Why did The Police color their hair?



1. Who first released “I’ll Never Find Another You,” and when?

2. What is the song “Lady D’Arbanville” about?

3. Why did the members of The Police all bleach their hair blond in 1978?

4. Who wrote “Goodbye to Romance,” and what is it about?

5. Name the song that includes these lyrics: “He saw a sign for a stock car race. A thousand dollar prize it read.”


1. The Seekers, with their U.K. version in 1965. Two years later, Sonny James took it to the top of the U.S. country charts.

2. Cat Stevens wrote the song about his girlfriend, Patti D’Arbanville, when she left for a one-month modeling job. The lyrics indicate that she is dead. Patti was understandably upset and ended the relationship.

3. For the money. They’d been offered a gig doing a television commercial for chewing gum with the requirement that their hair be blond.

4. Ozzy Osbourne wrote it in 1980 after a contentious breakup with Black Sabbath, saying goodbye with the lines, “broken wings can’t hold me down, I’m free again.”

5. “Tell Laura I Love Her,” by Ray Peterson in 1960. This teen-angst hit has all the requirements: boy, girl, car, death, tragedy.

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