Whitesburg KY

Why the secrecy?

Public should have been told about Jenkins school meetings

This seems to be one of those times when a vital public agency appears to have forgotten just who it is and what it is supposed to do.

We speak of the Jenkins Independent Board of Education. The board held three meetings this month without proper public notice. In those meetings, so we are told, the board has appointed itself a new superintendent for the Jenkins school system.

This all comes as something of a surprise, especially since the vacancy of the superintendent’s position wasn’t even advertised locally. It has been our understanding for many years that the Jenkins public school system is part of the Jenkins community and Jenkins is part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and all are part of the United States of America. Over it all, let us remember, are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Jenkins public school system violates the entire concept that is democracy when it conducts public business in secrecy.

We assume that all the secrecy grows out of widespread concern about the future of the Jenkins schools. Declining enrollment threatens the future of the system. But there is no way to solve the problem by secrecy.

Some Jenkins parents tell us they pay Kentucky’s highest taxes to support the Jenkins schools. The question is, how much longer will their support continue in the presence of so much secrecy?

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