Whitesburg KY

Why these two states?

Here we have a presidential race with huge fields in both major parties, and with such long campaign periods both before and after the first primaries straining candidates’ war chests to the point that most have to win early or bow out quickly.

Or more to the point, here we don’t have it. Now, far be it from us … to whine, but a couple of states whose importance lies in nothing more than dates on a calendar are poised to have a ridiculously outsized impact on the rest of the nation’s presidential choices.

The numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Iowa Caucus Project 2008 and The Associated Press tell the tale eloquently:

– 175 million U.S. registered voters

– 850,836 registered voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, combined

Any way you look at it, the primary process is terribly skewed. Either we’re asking too much of Iowa and New Hampshire, or we’re conceding too much to them.

– The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer

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