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Why Tuna for the Family?

Tuna is a lean protein source.

It’s also nutrient-rich – pro viding

omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins

(niacin, B-12 and B-6) and selenium.

Tuna is low in fat.

Tuna is low in fat. It has less calories, total fat and saturated fat than other protein sources such as beef, pork and chicken, yet delivers a similar amount

of protein. Tuna can help fight obesity,

especially in children and new mothers.

Tuna is brain food.

The omega-3s in tuna help improve cognitive, behavioral and motor skill

development in fetuses, newborns and


Omega-3s in tuna help boost

your whole family’s mood. Omega-3s are also shown to reduce

pre-term labor and postpartum

depression in mothers.

The B vitamins in tuna

provide an energy boost. This makes it a perfect food for parents and kids constantly on the go.

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